The Journey

Romani knew that she had always been a weaker angel than Favrashi.  He was her strength.  She envied the humans ability to sleep and dream.  Now she was feeling fear and contempt after the meeting.  How could they ask Favrashi to sacrifice himself like that?  He has always served with purity and honor, and they basically condemned him to Hell.  Her feelings were giving her aura a dull bronze hue. 

She was walking along the edge of an ice shelf bordering the Arctic sea.  She had no desire to be around other angels or humans.  They were at the center of all this chaos, yet they carelessly lived their lives in ignorance.  They had no idea the pain and harm they caused with their selfish actions.  As she plodded along in the dull blue light of the Arctic dusk, she began to formulate a plan.  She was determined to help Favrashi, even if it mean breaking rules.  She came to the realization that she was willing to risk damnation herself to try and save the Angel she loved. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, two young sisters hid in the closet of their bedroom praying for someone to help them.  The last two nights in a row had been a living nightmare.  While their mother was out working, their uncle was supposed to be taking care of them.  He was supposed to protect them, but when he smoked the drugs, he got brave.  At first, he just looked in their bedroom while they were sleeping.  Last night, he came in, and touched them.  Tonight, both sisters knew it would be worse.  Their mother didn't have the right papers to work in this country; she told them never to call the police, so they prayed.

The closet door suddenly jerked open and light from the bare bulb in the room streamed in.  Their uncle looked down at the crying girls with a glazed over, lustful look in his yellow eyes.  Just when he began to reach down, a much brighter golden light flashed behind him, and he slumped to the floor, lifeless. 

Romani didn't have any weapons, but her anger gave her strength.  She held the man by the neck, and literally ripped his soul out of his body.   It clung to his head and his heart, but she violently wrenched it away.  Free of the drugs in the body, the man's soul struggled for several seconds to understand what had happened.  He looked at his slumped body, and at Romani, and at the crying little girls. 

Falling to his knees, the new soul began crying and turning dark with shame.  "Please... I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to hurt them..." he sobbed.  "Forgive me... Please... I don't want to go to Hell"

Romani was disgusted.  "It's too late for that.  You are going to Hell.  And you're going to do something for me when you get there."

The man sobbed harder. "B-B-But what can I do?" he pleaded.

"Probably not much," Romani replied,  "but I'll send others." 

"Lot's of them."

The End

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