Hell Fire

Favrashi went to jerusalem and crossed into Hell. He looked around and realised he was in Fore-Hell which was populated by Neutrals and Waverers who would not commit to God. He walked up to a big stone Gate which read "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" which read Abandon all hope, you who entre here, and it marked the entry into the city of woe. Passing through the gate he proceeded past the river Acheron guarded by the Charon in to the first circle of Hell (Limbo).

It was populated ty the Unbaptized. as he walked through he came across the second circle where he met the beast Minos, who serves as a judge to their final destinationsbeyond limbo.

"Where are you going angel?this is no place for you?"

"i am trying to find Ureil!"

"well he is in the ninth circle with Dis"


"Sorry its a synonym for satan"

"well how do I get there?"

Minos looked at Favrashi and Laughed.

"you will die before you reach the third circle!"

"why do you say that?"

"Well you just walked through Limbo, the second Circle is for the Lustful who will try to rip out your heart, then you have the third circle which is for Gluttons and are guarded by the beast Cerberus who is mean and vicious then you have the forth circle which is for Spenders and Hoarders and is guarded by Plutus and the fifth circle is for the wrathful and sullen and is Guarded by the beast Phlegus who will do all in his power to catch your soul! Now if you get through all that you have to cross the river Styx to the city of Dis. You will come to the  sixth circle which is for Heretics and is guarded by the furies who live up to their name. If they dont finish you, you will come to the Phlegethon river and into the Plain of Fire Circle which has three rings, Ring one is for Violence towards others and guarded by the Minotaurs, Ring two is for Violence toward Self and Guarded by the Harpies ring three is for those committing violence to God. If you get past those you will come to the beast Geryon who carries the Sinners of fraud to the eighth circle in his malebolge which are evil pouches and they are spanned by bridges. All 10 pouches are guarded by the beasts Malebanche. Now if you get through the 10 valleys (or pouches)and the beasts, you will meet the giant Antaeus who lowers sinners to the Pit and that is where Lucifer sits right in the middle of the frozen lake in the centre of earth where he has been stuck waist down in the lake since he lost the war. He guards the sinners of betrayal. Lucifer has three faces, each holding a victim. Judas, Brutus and Cassius. this is where you will find Ureil. In his seat next to his master. Be careful its a dangeous journey. and i have a feeling i will be seeing you for a judging soon."

"i have been told that if i kill Ureil in Hell then i will have to stay here too, is there a way to leave Hell without the power to cross?"

"yes but i will only tell you if you are  successful in Killing Ureil and you are stuck in hell"


With that Favrashi went into the second circle with fear coming him off him in waves.

The End

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