The meeting at midnight

    The meeting began with each of the Choruses taking their place at a different level of the great marble hall.  Most of the discussion and debate was conducted by the First Chorus on the floor level.  There were many things being said simultaneously, but each one present was aware of everything being said.  The combined voices sounded like the ruminations of deep voiced chanting monks.  Occasionally, the First Chorus would appeal to the guidance of the Second Chorus, seated up one level, looking down on the proceedings.  When the Second Chorus interjected ideas, their voices where much higher and clearer.  The symphonic effect was completed by the Third Chorus.  As ideas were discussed and clarified, they were submitted to the Third Chorus seated above all.  They confirmed or rejected ideas by Yea or Nay vote, voiced in unison giving Heavenly power to the concert of ideas. 

    The Seraphim put forth that Uriel and his conspirators must be defeated swiftly.  This was submitted to the Second Chorus who replied that servants of God must be motivated by heavenly law, not out of fear or hate.  They asked the First Chorus on what basis should the Fallen ones be destroyed?  They looked to Favrashi.  He was asked what he knew of the Fallen ones motives.  They commanded him to speak truthfully about what he knew of the reasons, What he had heard from Uriel himself.  Did they act out of greed or selfishness or hate? 

    Favrashi sung out in a loud baritone voice. "From Uriel's own mouth, they do have hate in their hearts, but it is evil that they hate.  They wish to deliver punishment to evil without mercy."  This caused a great roar of voices from the floor of the great hall.  Was this not in accord with God's law? Was this not a just motivation?  Voices cried up to the Second Chorus who returned discordant admonishments.  As the voices grew in a crescendo of conflicting melodies, The highest of Heavenly Virtues of the Second Chorus stood and raised his arms.  All fell silent. 

    In his solo tenor voice, loud and clear he sang out.  "These Fallen Ones are misled.  Elimination of Evil is not the highest calling; Love of God is." 

The Third Chorus chanted a single unanimous affirmation.  "Yea." 

    The Virtue continued, "If these few punish humans for their evil deeds, humans will live righteously out of fear; not Love of God." 

"Yea." said the Third Chorus.  

    "Favrashi, you alone must defeat Uriel, the one who misleads them.  No matter how many of us they kill, we will not fight back, for that would mean war, and that is what they desire.  If you defeat him, his followers will be disheartened.  If he defeats you, then war will consume Heaven and earth. 

"Yea." said the Third Chorus.

    "As long as Uriel lives, you will have the power to cross over into Hell so that you may kill him where ever he hides.  But be aware, if you kill him in Hell, the power will be gone, and in Hell you will stay.  Either way, he must be destroyed.

"Amen." sang the Third Chorus, and the meeting was over.

The End

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