The Others

Favrashi realised he was out of his depth, he had been wondering city after city, country after country and try as he might he could not pick up any of the evil stench which he had caught in the warehouse the other night! 

He only had one option left to him which was to arrange a meeting with all 3 hierarchy 's also known as choirs. Each choir had 3 additional ranks making a total of 9 ranks which are:-

First Choir:-

*Archangels, *Seraphim, *Cherubim

Second Choir:-

*Dominations, *Virtues, *powers

Third Choir:-

*Principalities, *Thrones, *Angels

Each with their own vital cog in the works of God.

Favrashi called forth the meeting for that evening in the great hall. It was a magical place and everytime Favrashi had to come here he always took a minute to stand in awe. It was a big white building, Giant white Coliseums surrounded the building which had a brilliant bright white light surrounding it like a protective cloak, inviting all who came in love and warmth.

Favrashi shook his head reminding himself of why he was here and sighed and went inside.

One of the Archangels was the first to arrive and he had some disturbing news.

"Hi i am Raphael, unfortunatly Michael and Gabriel could not be here as they are out trying to find Ureil with the other archangels. Ureil used to be one of us, he used to be one of the most dedicated and faithful members of the archangels and as such he was put in charge of Tartarus! Which is why he can visit hell. Its disturbing why now he has fallen so hard from grace. He killed a Seraph you know."

"No i did not when? Who and what would happen to him?"

Favrashi was suprised and disheartened to hear that and Angel has been killed. Even though he kills those who break the rules he has a special bow and arrow which sends them to hell, he does not know what happens to an angel if they are just killed!

"we heard the angel Bedaliel scream in the Grail room, and he is now a shadow, well he is nothing really, he just exists now invisable to everyone wondering why no one can hear him. The only reason we heard the scream was because an archangel killed him, ripped out his heart! we had thought at first Uriel could have been saved but now it seems he has been seduced by Lucifer himself."

Just then the 8 other representations of each hierarchy turned up each  to discuss what is happening as they all can feel the changes in the air, the scent of evil at work and most of them here were in the first war and knew of the horror and were scared.

At midnight the meeting began.

The End

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