Archangels meet with Favrashi

Favrashi walked unseen down the dark noisy streets of the Songshan district of Taipei.  The empty warehouse he had just left reeked of sin and violation.  Whatever evil had been there couldn't be far away.  A constant stream of noisy traffic dampened his senses, but he was still on the trail.  He scanned the sparse collection of people on the streets at this late hour looking for any hint of an aura.  Pimps, prostitutes, junkies, drug dealers; certainly no angels here. Favrashi was about to give up when he noticed an man walking up the sidewalk that seemed out of place.  He was tall, and caucasian.  His long blond hair was a stark contrast to the short ruddy Asians that he passed.  He was definitely human though.  He flirted with one of the hookers that he passed by.  Curious, Favrashi decided to watch as this man passed to see where he was going.  As he side-stepped out of the way, The man stepped right up and looked Favrashi in the eyes. 

"You're looking for me." Uriel said flatly.  Before Favrashi could formulate a question in his mind, Uriel revealed his aura.  It was pure brilliant white, and it's brightness, so close, causedFavrashi to blink and avert his eyes momentarily.  In this same moment, Uriel spun on his heels, bringing his elbow around, smashing Favrashi hard across the jaw.  Stunned, but still thinking, Favrashi let himself roll backwards with the blow. In the same motion he brought his long bow around from his back, notching two arrows, aiming them instinctively at Uriel's heart and head.  Uriel made no motion to advance towards him, but merely stood with a bemused look on his face.  "Do you intend to shoot me down out of pure malice?  Not very angelic, I must say." Favrashi's fingers ached to release the arrows, but something stopped him.  He was right.  Despite his bizarre violence, Favrashi hadn't witnessed a violation of the Supreme Law.  He had no reason to send him to hell.  Yet. 

"Who are you?" Favrashi growled, not yet resigned to lowering his weapon.  "How did you hide your aura?" The arrow tips followed as Uriel slowly began to circle around Favrashi, studying him. 

"My name is Uriel.  I have many powers given to me by my Savior." 

Favrashi frowned.  "God doesn't work like that."  he grumbled. 

Uriel smiled faintly and said earnestly, "Satan is my Savior."

Now Favrashi smiled.  "Well if you love evil so much, tell me why I shouldn't send you burning back to hell right now.  You've as much as given me permission by admitting that."  His fingers itched to release. 

Uriel burst into a sudden rage.  "Satan is NOT evil!  He DESPISES it!  When we have our way, every evil act of men will be INSTANTLY punished!  No more waiting for judgement after death!  No more redemption and forgiveness!  Can't you understand?  Satan and the fallen angels have never committed sin, but we damn ourselves to hell!  We volunteer to live in burning agony in order to enforce punishment on sinners!  We live in hell to guard evil!"

As punctuation to end his tirade, Uriel vanished in a flash of red smoke as Favrashi's arrows sliced harmlessly into the night sky.

The End

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