The truth

As Favrashi was  telling the young Cherub the consequences of what would happen if the Seraphim helped, a meeting was taking place down on earth in a old warehouse.

It was a crisp clear night and the stars were out in full force sparkling like diamonds in a black velvet casing. It was as if they were keeping an eye on the whole proceeding and that they knew after tonight nothing would be the same again.

The Seraphim who were there were Ureil and he had inadvertently become the leader of the group, Abbadon, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Leviathan, Bedaliel,Belial and Semyaza.

Ureil started the meeting off by telling the group of Seraphim about what it was like in Hell.

"Well as you have all gathered its hot!" and the group politely laughed but were a bit tense to actually find it funny.

"I spoke to some of the damned and i found out a few things about some of the Fallen! They are now known as Demons but not all are bad, they just feel a little let down by God therefore the good ones need our help to assert their rightful rule over earth."

Bedaliel interupted Ureil with a snide laugh,

 "I am sorry but that is rubbish! There are no good ones, the Demons who concern themselves with humans at all, HATE them. They are jealous because they think the humans are favoured by God over themselves and Angels, and in regards with they want to assert their rightful rule over earth, all they want to do is destroy their souls or recruit them as allies in a revolt against Heaven! We are not revolting against Heaven. I thought this meeting was about how we could come to some sort of understanding with Favrashi for a little leeway with the whole free will thing. If we want to help humans then we should be able too. But what you are implying is another war and i will not be part of it!"

Ureil shook his head,

"well if you are not going be part of it then you will have to die as we cant risk you going off and spoiling the suprise now can we? I must say i am  disappointed in you. Now what will it be?"

Bedaliel, wide eyed with shock and terror looked at the other Seraphim around him and realised with horror that each one was corrupt with hate. They were evil and in the last moments before he died, he knew that there was no hope for these Seraphim as they had become Fallen angels a long time ago.

Bedaliel just hoped that the archangels and Favrashi were able to stop the biggest war between Heaven and Hell that was about to start, the prize being the most precious of all things-the humans soul.

The End

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