A Meeting of Fallen Angels

     Reluctantly, Favrashi left Romani's company to seek out the cherubim he had taken up earlier that day.  He knew all to well how hard it was for some cherubim to let go, he saw it all the time.  It was in these moments that most seraphim grew weak, and broke the unbreakable rules.  The seraphim chosen to bring new cherubim to the heavens were often the most likely to be corrupted by their cries for help, especially in incidences of multiple casualties.  The guilt involved with leaving others behind was overpowering, and some new cherubim were convincing enough that they pressured the seraphim to the point of having them risk an eternity in hell.    

     Favrashi found the new cherubim hiding alone on a small patch of clouds above the western coast of Spain. 

     "Enjoying the view?"  He asked, startling the new arrival.

     "I used to live down there, my family is down there, and I know I left nothing but a series of bad memories and stressful situations behind me."  The cherubum said, not taking his gaze off of the sun shining on the earth below him.

     "You can't regret anything you did down there, there's nothing you can do about it now anyway."

     "The other angel, he told me that there were some who could help me, some who could help them."  The new angel looked at Favrashi, a look of profound hope reflected in his tearing eyes.

     "I think there are a few things I should explain to you."

     "Like what?"

     "Like the truth about what happens to those who try to help.  What do you know about eternal damnation?"


The End

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