Romani And Favrashi

    Romani And Favrashi lay entwined in a lazy lover's embrace at the lonely top of a massive bank of storm clouds over Asia.  They were both gazing into the distance admiring the brilliant hues of a setting sun.  Despite the contentment that he felt and wanted to revel in, he found himself worrying about everything he would loose if war ever returned.  The thoughts gathered like storm clouds in his mind. 

    "Do you remember being human?"  Romani asked him softly, without lifting her head from his chest.  Her warm breath on his skin, and delicate fingers on his stomach brought him back to the pleasure of the moment. 

    "No.  It must have been thousands of years ago.  I've never met a seriph who can remember"  he said, looking down at her.  She had her eyes closed, and was breathing deeply. 

    "I wish I could remember sleeping.  It must be a wonderful feeling to just turn your mind off and completely rest.  I don't think humans know how lucky they are."  Romani tried to imagine resting completely.  She relaxed her limbs and concentrated on Favrashi's heartbeat.  "Do you think that it's true that they dream?"

    Favrashi smiled.  "I'm sure that's just a fairytale, love.  They can hardly handle the emotions that they have to deal with when they're awake."  As he spoke, they could hear the distant rumble of thunder.  The cloud bank below them beginning to condense at the bottom.  "It must be raining down there." he said almost to himself. 

    Romani frowned slightly.  "I hate that sound.  It reminds me of what it sounded like when the evil ones crossed over."  During the wars, the Angra would force their way into this world to battle the Spenta.  When they physically broke through, it would disrupt the air the same way lightning bolts do, and produce the same sound.  Romani and Favrashi were cherubim then.  They didn't participate in the fighting, but they witnessed some of it.  Neither of them wanted to imagine that it could return, but the possibility was always there.  A particularly loud clap of thunder ended their relaxed mood.  Romani lifted her head and kissed him.  "Come on love, let's go now.  We have work to do."

    Not far away, the angel Uriel rested in secret, shrouded by the inside fog of a cloud.  Angels moved effortlessly, and the sight of him sweating profusely and struggling to catch his breath would certainly raise suspicion.  He had been to the other side.  Luckily he had a few hours to rest before he was to meet with the others.  They had agreed to meet only on the surface, and at night.  He knew what they were doing was extremely risky, but if he and the others were successful, then it would be assured that the good would never suffer, and the evil would always be punished.  It confounded him that no one could see the perfect justice in that.

The End

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