Light without Dark

Favrashi was worried about what the young cherubim had said! He was trying to figure out what he had missed. He was frustrated and decided to go try to find out who else was involved with breaking the rules. Why did they insist to do this? They know what will happen to them if they are caught, yet they still do it!

Favrashi went to a town in England called Banbury to see another Angel called Romani to help him get a some piece of mind and another ear to bend about what was happening, now Romani was a vision that you had to see to believe, She was 6ft 4inches tall, had a slim figure and legs up to her elbows. She had the palest skin and her eyes were bright green and they sparkeld like an emerald in the sun and the mouth was as red as a blood-rose. She was every mans wetdream! She was also Favrishi's confidente and lover.

Favrashi told Romani what had happened, and still he could not fathom why!

"Its difficult Fav, you know that! were you not ever tempted to help someone? I was a few times but i knew better! some dont, some just push the boundries to see how far they go."

"its just....ahh im worried that the longer this goes on for and the more start to break the rules that we will see a revolt, against Me or The Big Man him self or even a war between Heaven, Hell and Earth as the battle ground."

"Fav, maybe they want to be included in the whole 'free will' thing just like the humans they are just supposed to keep an eye on!"

"yeah i thought of that and that is what im worried about! Its as though we are getting ready for a war! Light vs the Dark, good vs Evil and what are any of us without either one to balance it out? Nothing thats what Nothing and all this would be in Vain unless i can sort it and find those who are responsible, those who are going to create big problems!  Because if i dont then something really bad is going to happen"

The End

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