Fravashi was going to Paris. Good things had been happening there, and he suspected some angels had been answering prayers. Fortunately, he knew Hcoma was nowhere near this one.

Fravashi leisurely sat atop the Eiffel tower and gazed down upon the great city and it's goings on.  There wasn't much happening, really.  At least, he hadn't detected any suspicious activity as of yet, such as those dogooder angels trying to save humanity and all that. 

There had been some recent coincidental events that might lead an Angel Killer to believe there may have been some divine intervention going on but everything was in the clear.  Fravashi's skin had prickled when he saw a woman walking down the street, head down while digging through her handbag, heading directly towards an open manhole.  There were pylons about but she was so engrossed, she hadn't even noticed.  She was about six inches from an uncomfortable fall (to say the least) when an arm had jutted out into the crowd and pulled her aside.  Fravashi was sure there had been some illegal activity involved regarding the higher beings but when he took a closer look, he realized that the whole thing was completely legit.  Whoever saved that woman did it because they wanted to.  Fravashi had settled back into his seat; sometimes honest-to-God miracles really did happen every now and then.

Just as he was getting comfortable again, he moved his gaze a few blocks in the opposite direction and saw something rather strange.  A young girl of about eight, was waiting outside a shop window for her mother to finish inside.  In her arms was a puppy.  She giggled and played with the dog on the side walk, waiting for her mother to return.  Her mother stepped out and called her daughter's name.  As the girl's head was turned, the dog pounced and frolicked into the street.  One minute the puppy is in direct line of a speeding car with no hope of seeing tomorrow; the next, the puppy is in the girl's arms once again, as she trots along after her mother. 

Fravashi smiled inwardly to himself.  That was a little too obvious, even for Forcas, he thought.  Instantaneously, Fravashi was standing in the middle of the street, bow in hand.

"Forcas, what did I tell you?"

Just opposite Fravashi, on the other side of the street, Forcas appeared as though from nothing.

"Ah, crap."

"That was silly of you, Forcas.  So careless these days."

"Listen man, I know I shoulda stayed outta that one...but c'mon, man...a puppy."

Fravashi shrugged.  Before Forcas could formulate another defense, he had a flaming arrow protruding from his head.

"You shot me!"

"Of course I did!  I've been warning you for centuries, Forcas."

"But...but a puppy!  The little girl and her little dog!"

"Sorry, man."  Fravashi shrugged again.  He did a lot of shrugging in this business.

"I can't believe this."  Forcas shook his head in disappointment. "We're practically brothers, dude.  Brothers."


"God is going to be so mad at you; I'm one of his best employees."

As they argued in the street, the sides of the vehicles speeding towards them seemed to crumple in upon themselves to avoid colliding with the celestial beings, only to inflate again as they passed.

"I can't believe you would do this to me.  Send me to Hell?  Man, that's harsh."

Again, Fravashi shrugged.  As if called by name, at the word 'hell', a small hole began to develop in the pavement.  It grew larger by the second, with stairs sprouting from the earth, leading down into the portal.  Fravashi could see the familiar flickering of red and orange light towards the bottom.

"Oh great."  Forcas threw up his hands.  "The walk of shame."

"Alright, Forcas, time to go."  Fravashi began to usher him towards the stairs.

Forcas let out a final sigh of defeat and walked sullenly towards the hole.  He shook his head in disbelief, causing the arrow embedded in it to quiver.

"Oh hey, before you go, got any information that might be useful?"  Fravashi usually asked this of his victims.  He usually found that the angel victim figured, since they were going to hell, all their angel friends should go down with them.  (Hey, angels aren't always as wonderful as they make themselves out to be.)

Forcas paused for a moment, thinking.  "Now that you ask, there's this new guy that's been hanging around; thinks he's a real hotshot, too. He's been creating miracles up the wazoo for weeks.  I think I last saw him in Italy."  Forcas paused, a small smile creeping up his newly damned lips.  "I'm surprised you haven't caught him by now; looks like you're startin' to get rusty, Fravashi.  Better watch out."

"What's the name?"  Fravashi ignored the snooty remarks.  He almost even managed to convince himself that Forcas hadn't gotten to him.

"It's Uriel...and he's one cocky bastard."

Neither one said anything else.  Forcas walked shamefully down the stairs as the hole sealed itself over, leaving no evidence that it had ever been a direct linkage to Hell.

Fravashi prepared himself for his new project.

The End

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