Angel Killer

My name is Fravashi.  I'm an angel killer.  Now, a lot of people think that means I'm evil or I work for the devil or something like that, but it's not true.  I'm actually here to protect the world; to preserve things; to keep the natural order, so-to-speak.  See, angels have one job.  That's to guide you up after you die.  It used to be that there were evil angels, and good angels, the so called Angra and Spenta.  There was a constant battle between the two sides wreaking all kinds of havoc on the world, but that war has been over for years.  Ever since Satan got cast down.  So these days, angels are strictly 'hands off' when it comes to the world and people living in it.  Free Will is law, and my job is to make sure it stays that way. 

Every once in a while, an angel will be tempted to ease someones pain, or protect someone from harm, but that's all strictly forbidden.  If you help out one person, it would only be fair to help everyone.  And if you help everyone, and remove all possibility of hurt and pain, Free Will loses all meaning.  Love means nothing without the possibility of loosing it.  Friendship and compassion are worthless if they aren't willfully given.  So if I have to blast hot arrows through some poor angel's skull for saving an old lady from a speeding truck, I may not like it, but it's my job.  It has to be done.  Unfortunately, they go straight to hell.  There's no room for mercy in this business.  A lot of angels don't see things that way.  They think they can step in here and there on little things, and as long as I don't catch them, there's no harm.  But I would warn them.  I take my work very seriously. 

Hcoma was an angel of incredible beauty and light.  If people of the world could see her, even just for an instant, they would literally break into tears of joy.  In the days of the Angra and Spenta, she was an angel of falling waters, and many people loved her dearly and prayed to her for intervention.  Her wisdom and compassion were so famous that many people continue to pray to her even today, despite the institution of Free Will.  The first time I laid eyes on her, I was afraid.  I was afraid that if ever called to, I wouldn't be able to do my job.  I prayed to God that it would never happen.  As usual, he was silent.

The End

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