Angel Journey



Angel Journey

                            CHAPTER 1: Hostage!

There was a slight screeching sound as Rachel and her Father felt their wagon stop abruptly. The cart swayed a little when someone jumped up on the steps leading inside. The curtain around them was sliced with a dagger and a tall sandy haired man held up a long, sharp sword to her Father’s throat. “Give me money, or you and the girl die!” He spoke in a deep growling voice, still holding the sword firmly.


“I- I don’t have much money here, but how about if I go home and get it for you… the castle is uh d-d- down the road a ways… “, The father said with pain from the sword on his throat. He knew that when he got home, he slowly thought to himself, he could order men to catch these criminals, since he was the king.


Rachel said a quick prayer, as she watched the small droplets of blood ooze from her father’s neck. She could see the pain in his eyes, something she had never seen before. It frightened her even more. Rachel was taken from her thoughts when the man called out to two other men, and then he turned back and spoke to her father. “How about if you send a warning to your family, to bring the money... And just so I know you won’t just run away and not pay me, I’m going to take the girl as a hostage until you come back...” He laughed hysterically to the other two men as they began to dismount their sturdy, chestnut horses.


            One of the horses nickered and the other reared in the air when the one man pulled out his sword.


Rachel was horrified of the thought of being a hostage. Her father hesitated a moment, then held out his hand for an agreement. “It’s settled then!” The man said happily. “But of course if you do not return with the money, she will be killed! And don’t expect it to be a quick death either; I have plans for this one...” The Sandy haired man snorted.


Rachel held back a cry as the man began to tightly tie up a rope on her wrists. “No Daddy, no! I love you dad, please bring the money please!” Rachel cried out as she was dragged onto one of the men’s horses.


“May the Lord keep you safe, I love you, and I will get that money!” The father yelled back trying to keep his own tears in, but sadness and hatred overwhelmed him as he watched his youngest daughter being taken away from him. He would not let them kill her! Never could he! NEVER!


Rachel rubbed her sore wrists immediately, which were uncomfortably tight and itchy, once the men took off the ropes, and then threw her in a small, barred prison. Rachel looked around to find that she was in some kind of cave. She sat down wearily onto the small bed. She looked at herself in a small puddle on the dirty stone ground. She felt a warm breeze brush across her tanned cheek.




Rachel’s father rushed as quickly as he could to reach home. The horse that was pulling the wagon was too tired to run with the wagon, so he had decided to leave the wagon in the hot deserted land and ride bareback. He could retrieve the wagon later.


He pushed the big white mare as long as he could at a hard gallop, until she was lathered, then he brought her down to a trot. As he was riding he thought of what had happened. He thought of the sword stabbing into his neck, and most of all he wondered if Rachel was okay, and where she was being kept. At that instant someone shouted out behind him and he quickly brought the mare to a stop, and turned his head towards the voice.



As he turned around he prayed. He gulped loudly and then suddenly there was a banging shot. The deadly bullet pierced him in the chest, a clear shot. The thief jumped off his horse, which was stolen, then he walked carefully over to the man he had just killed. As he looked at the dead face he grinned as he saw whom he had killed. It was the king himself. The thief searched him head to toe looking for money or anything else useful. After he was finished he walked back to his horse, and loped away.


The kings Mare nudged his body carefully with her nose, waiting for a reply from him, but he didn’t move. She nickered painfully and knelt down, leaning on her side for support beside the man, keeping him in her shade.


Rachel shivered in the cold air as she lay down on a small and dirty bed. There was only one sheet, which covered the mattress. It was torn and obviously very old and used. Rachel wiped her cheek feeling the tears drying on them.


As she crawled under the thin blanket, she realized how close God was with her, and at that moment, she felt warmth and peace. She prayed until she slowly drifted off to sleep.

As she was sleeping, Rachel dreamt of her father coming with bag loads of gold, and her being free, out of this cold, dark cave. It was then that Rachel heard someone else was pushed into the room. There was a big clang and the big door opened up in the little prison. That was when Rachel saw a teenager also about her age. He had curly blond hair and his eyes were misty blue like the ocean that surrounded this small island of Kamiah. 


She watched as the men carelessly took the ropes off his wrists and then threw him inside with Rachel. Rachel studied him as he looked at her. They stood there, staring at each other for a minute, but they were stopped at the sound of the men opening the door again.


The same man who had threatened Rachel’s father came in and looked at Rachel. “Come with me, NOW!” His angry voice yelled, frightening Rachel.


Rachel kept her head low as she walked into a big room. The rocky cave walls were brightened as a small fire was flickering at one end of the floor. There was a loud bang heard from the end of the cavern. Rachel looked to see a young man standing by a fire. He had dropped a piece of wood into the hungry flames.


The man was very handsome, his brown eyes peering upon Rachel’s helpless looking body; she shook with fright as her thin lips trembled nervously.


He looked at her, and then grinned. “There is no reason to be frightened, unless your father doesn’t come back with our money.” He glared as he spoke again. “Do you even know what’s going to happen to you if he doesn’t arrive?” There was silence, and then Rachel spoke, first shaky, but after, relaxed.


“Whatever happens, I know the Lord will be with me the whole way through it, and I know He would never leave my side!” Rachel took a deep breath in and listened to the man.


“Well, this Lord of yours sure hasn’t done much to help you yet now has he?” The man chuckled to himself, then sighed. He snapped his fingers, which ordered the two men who had helped capture Rachel to take her back into the small prison room. “Oh, by the way, you can call me Jessie,” The man said as she was taken away.





Chapter 2:New friends!


The boy in the room stood up as Rachel came in, and then sat back down as if disappointed. “What’s wrong? Are you looking for someone else to come in?” Rachel looked at him, concerned in a way. “Nice to meet you too,” the boy said sarcastically. Rachel noticed an accent in his voice not from around here. “My name is Cristian, and I’m looking for my friend, Sam.” He paused, staring at the ground, then looking back into her eyes. “He was travelling with me, we were on our way to the city, Dashika. I- I fear the worst.”


Rachel looked up smiling and spoke, trying to change the subject. “My name is Rachel, I’m seventeen! How old are you?” Cristian looked at her and sighed, “I’m eighteen.”


At that moment the door opened again, and a short brown haired boy stumbled in then stood up quickly shaking the dust from him. “Oh um… Hello miss I ‘m Sam.” Sam lifted her hand, bowed, and then kissed her hand. Rachel blushed as she set her hand on her lap.


“Quite the Lady Charmer aren’t you Sam?” Cristian laughed slowly as he brushed his curls to the side.


“Okay so, where were you? What happened?” Cristian said while standing up and looking Sam up and down to be sure he was okay.

“Oh I’m alright, they just asked me some questions.” Well never mind that anyways, who is this beautiful young lady?” Sam glanced pointedly towards Rachel.


Cristian quickly introduced the two and later that night they sat together in a small circle and talked.


 Rachel smiled as Sam told jokes, to lighten the mood. As Cristian looked at her, she smoothed her long blond hair down and tucked it behind her ear.


They both exchanged glances and Rachel noticed that Cristian flush and his cheeks were so red he looked like a beat.


It was now dark, and as embarrassing as it was, Rachel slept on the small bed, while Cristian and Sam uncomfortably slept on the rocky floor. There was a small noise during the night, and Rachel, who was a light sleeper, woke to it. She lifted her head slightly and opened her eyes to see Cristian sitting up, faced the opposite direction of her. Rachel looked at him as he turned around.

He slightly smiled then stood up, dusting himself off. “What were you-“ Rachel lost her speech as she looked at what Cristian was doing.


In place of where a dirty red rug used to be, there was the beginning of a hole, just wide enough for Cristian to fit through.


“I- I was going to tell you and –“ Cristian was cut off once Sam woke up and was looking around. “Sam.” He finished embarrassed.


“What is that?” Sam got up after spying the hole.


“I started digging it. I mean its not like we are getting out any other way..” Cristian quickly explained.


Before Rachel or Sam could say anything in reply, there was a big clank, and the huge door opened again. The sandy haired man entered looking down as he came in. Once he was in, he looked up and then glared at Cristian.


“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” The man snarled in a growly and nasty voice.


Two of the other men came in, wide-eyed. They looked at the hole, and then glowered back at Cristian along with the Sandy haired man who called himself Harold.


“Oh Crap….” Cristian whispered under his breath so only Rachel and Sam could hear.


Then Harold held his blood stained sword at Cristian’s neck and ordered him to get up. Cristian slowly got up and the other men grabbed him and began to drag him away.


“Looks like we’re off to see what Jessie will think of this kid!” The abductor nastily said as he gave a big smile to the other men. 


Rachel and Sam heard Cristian struggle and curse at them angrily, refusing make things easy for them.


“W-What’s Jessie gonna do with him?” Rachel asked Sam, shaking from fright, knowing what was going to happen. They were to kill him.


Sam sighed sadly and looked at Rachel. “It’s…Bad, he might not be alive soon…. “Sam looked down and tried to calm himself down.


“Well, are they going to kill him for sure?” Rachel asked glancing at the door.


“Lets hope not, but I wouldn’t put anything past that guy Jessie,” Sam sounded desperate.


 For two hours the two sat fitfully, until finally there was a noise at the door, opening. The two men who had Cristian seemed really grumpy. Rachel and Sam stood up and looked at Cristian. He was hurt and he was unconscious. Rachel looked at the limp body by the door. She and Sam both lifted Cristian carefully up onto the bed.


“He’s hurt! That means Jessie must not have been in the mood for killing anyone!” Rachel exclaimed, relieved he wasn’t dead, but sad he was hurt.


As Rachel spoke, Sam lifted Cristian’s head and put a pillow underneath it, and then Jessie walked in!


Jessie just looked at Rachel, then handed her a big bowl of water and a rag. “It’s for your friend. If you try to dig in that hole again, your life won’t be spared; tomorrow we are filling it with dirt.” Jessie glanced at Rachel before leaving once more. Rachel stared as the handsome young man walked out of the prison. Then she shook herself from the thought of being with someone who had captured her for money…..

















Chapter 3: Safe


Cristian moaned as he tried to lift his aching head. “Don’t get up, you were knocked pretty hard on your head, and you should rest!” Rachel whispered, looking at him as he held his cut.


            “You’re very lucky to have come out alive my friend.” Sam said softly.


            Rachel smiled lightly without realizing it, and then looked away.


            Rachel felt Cristian’s cheek and forehead just in case, and then took the rag that was placed in the bowl and began to mend Cristian’s cut. The cut was deep and it was on the side of Cristian’s ribs.


            Sam turned around to get the big bowl of cool water that Jessie gave them, then took the rag from Rachel and dipped it in the liquid. He then handed it back to her.


            When Rachel took the bowl she saw Sam try to smile. She squeezed the water from the rag a bit, and then wiped it softly on Cristian’s young, beautiful face.


            She slowly and carefully did so, staring into his eyes. 

He tried to get up, but had to lie in pain once more.


He thought of how beautiful and yet familiar she was. He told himself that he would never have a chance with her though.


            “I just thought…” Cristian quickly said, stopping the awkward silence. “You look familiar… have I seen you around my hometown before?” Cristian looked at Rachel, then Sam.


            “I--- Probably not…” Rachel stuttered. She knew she probably had been, since she was a princess. She didn’t want them to know either!

            “Yes!  She’s the---- the princess.” Sam quickly said, astonished.


            “That’s right, I saw you!  Now I recall!” Cristian pointed out as he remembered it.


            Rachel looked down and sighed. She sadly looked up, to see Cristian and Sam bow their heads.


            “Why didn’t you tell us?” Cristian spoke to Rachel and then bowed his head again.


            “No! Please, I didn’t want you to know...” Rachel said as they looked up.


            The room was quiet and then Rachel spoke again... “You know you can speak…”


            “We were waiting for your permission” Cristian looked at her sparkling blue eyes and waited.


            Rachel sighed again and spoke, “This is why I never get to do anything, because everyone thinks they have to treat me as a God!” She looked at them sorrowfully, “Well I’m not a God so please can you just treat me like you did before you knew that I was the princess?” Rachel began to get angry, but took a deep breath and recoiled herself.


            Sam and Cristian nodded their heads silently and Rachel tentatively allowed a small smile.


            Night fell and everyone rested.


Now Cristian knew for sure there was no chance to be with the beautiful princess. He smiled in his sleep as he thought of her lovely smile and her kind heart and her beautiful face and posture.


Rachel was deep in thought in the darkness of the cool night. She wished that Cristian and Sam never knew she was the princess. Now she knew that things would be different. But her thoughts soon drifted as she fell into a dreamy sleep.


Rachel dreamt of Cristian’s fine hair and perfect blue eyes. She wished she had a chance with him, but she doubted it; after all he was only a year older then her and most likely when she was 18 her parents would choose her a husband around 40. She hated arranged marriages and wished she could choose for herself.

 The next morning dawned bright and sunny.   The three new friends woke at the sound of the big door clanking open. It was the two men, and they held shovels, for the hole. The opening was small but still a threat to them.


They grabbed Cristian and Sam and then Jessie came in and escorted Rachel out. He seemed kind to Rachel, but Rachel didn’t like him. He had taken her captive after all.


Jessie hastily explained what was to happen. “The men have to fill up that hole, so while they do that, I will bring you all to another room, but you will only be in there for a few hours.” He then looked at Rachel, “Oh, and if your father doesn’t come with that money in three days, well, it’s all over for you. I’m deeply sorry, I really am, but rules are rules and if word gets around that we let our prisoners go for free then no one will be scared and pay up the big bucks!”


            Rachel shook that from her thoughts right away. There was no way her father was not going to bring the money. He wouldn’t, he just…. Couldn’t.


When they got in the room, they saw that it was bigger then the other one they were in.


Cristian seemed surprised that if Rachel’s father didn’t bring the money, she would be killed. He looked at her gravely, but she didn’t notice.


He could not let that happen, he loved her or could love her. It was too early to tell yet.


He stopped to think about that for a moment. Did he really love her? He hardly knew her, but he felt something deep inside his heart that he felt with no other person.


Sam asked Rachel, “So, do ya think the King will come?”


“I don’t know,” Rachel sadly spoke “I hope so …. Hey, but when he does, maybe he can get you two out too!” Rachel selflessly and hopefully said.  She had almost forgotten about her dad [until Jessie reminded her] coming to free her from this… not so awful place.


She only liked it because of Cristian, (and Sam).













Chapter 4: Free


            Rachel’s father, Garret was not dead. He grabbed his chest where he felt a warm and sticky liquid spilling out slowly from his wound. Garret looked up to see that his horse had ran away. He carefully opened his eyes up to the sun, squinting. He then lifted his body up off of the ground. If he were to get money to free Rachel and help for his wound, he would need to walk home.


            It was only a few more miles home, but the trail was rough. There were many hills ahead; And Garret didn’t know which direction to go until he saw a faded mark of hoof prints, which hopefully belonged to his mare.


             It was very hard for Garret especially when he had to rest so often because he was badly bleeding. He stopped the bleeding by using his shirt, but that never worked very well. In addition, if he wasn’t home soon to be helped, he and Rachel could die.


            It was a day and a half walk to the castle and Garret made it there, half dead. He needed water so badly that he almost collapsed when he entered. When he entered the castle a maiden ran to his service and retrieved his wife, who was the queen, and, on her command a doctor came to his aid.


            Garret explained what had happened to his wife and the head guard. He then sent a soldier to find the money and bring it out.


            Garret and two other Guards were soon off, after his wounds were fixed up of course. Even though The Queen urged Garret to stay home and rest, He persisted.




            That cool summer night, when the three were back in their room, Rachel couldn’t sleep. She was too afraid for her life. She then thought of Cristian and Sam. Why were they captivated? She wondered what they had done or if someone was bringing money for them too. But she finally drifted into a deep sleep after all she had a big and scary day ahead of her.


            As Rachel slept she heard a voice in her head. She thought she was dreaming but the voice continued. “Rachel, Rachel.”


                        Rachel quiet voice answered, “Yes, I’m here. Who is calling me?”


            The voice calmly spoke to her in soft but unforgetfull words, “Rachel it is I, I am. I have a task for you, but first you must escape.”


            “How?” Rachel enquired.


            “You will be freed some way or another, that of which you will find out. I will protect you. Something important will come your way. I will send a servant of mine to help you. Do not be afraid daughter.”


The next morning was very exciting. Jessie came in and took Rachel out to see her father. Her father had the money and he looked happy to see her. He opened his arms to her and she ran to hug him. He kissed her cheek and told her he never gave up. Nevertheless, his reunion was soon broken up because Cristian and Sam were brought in the cavern room with Rachel and her father.


As they walked through the door Rachel thought about what the voice had said to her. The voice said it was…I am. She assumed it meant… it meant… She was speaking to God!


Cristian looked at Rachel and gave her a half smile. She then explained to her dad who Cristian and Sam were.


Garret tried to get an agreement to set Cristian and Sam free to, but Jessie never wanted to give them up… for some reason.


Garret pulled Rachel away as Rachel sadly looked at the two teenagers. A small tear trickled down her dirty cheek. She was soon out of the terrible cave and was mounted atop a horse.


Garret told her that it was Fate they were to stay in that cavern and that it was Gods will. But Rachel still was mad. “Why isn’t Gods will good? Why couldn’t it be him letting them free? Huh? WHY?” Rachel screamed at her father.


“I don’t know why Rachel, But God has different plans for them and sometimes they don’t always make sense.” Garret quietly spoke, trying to calm Rachel down.


She looked at her fathers light eyes and spoke, “I heard a voice last night in my sleep, it was God.”


On the way back she explained every thing he said.


After many hours of riding, they had arrived.


Once they were back at the castle safely, Rachel’s mother brought her to her room to be washed up. Then Rachel came to the dining room to eat. She was hungry, but didn’t eat much. She couldn’t stop thinking about Cristian and Sam. They had to eat meals that were hard bread and only did they get that nasty food once a day.


            Rachel decided at night, what she was to do. She was going to let them free. She didn’t know how yet, but she would.


            The rest of that night she thought of a diversion that would work.


            The whole next day Rachel ‘pretended’ to be fine. She ate her breakfast, went outside, she had afternoon tea and everything, because she had to let her mother and father think that she had forgotten about the cave. But she never did.


            After she ate dinner, she went to her room to nap. But really, she was going to pack some food for the ride there and back. And as she was working on the diversion to get Cristian and Sam out of the prison, one of the maidens spied on her and saw what she was doing, but luckily, never told anyone. Yet.


             After sundown, Rachel waited until her father and mother were asleep, and then snuck out. She grabbed a long, twined rope from her mother and fathers closet (for safety reasons mostly) and then threw it over her window.


            She grabbed her small knapsack and then began to descend. It was difficult to climb down in the dark, and so that followed to happen that when she was almost down, she had a hard fall. That never stopped her though. She just swiftly pulled herself together again and headed off for the stable.


            She grabbed her own black stallion. He was trusting and very fast. She didn’t bother with a saddle, but just a rope for the bridle.


            She managed to get Siria (her stallion) out of the stable hurriedly and set off to the cave.


            The long way was taken easily with Siria and finally they arrived at the half hidden place.


            “Easy boy, we’re here!” Rachel calmly said to Siria.


            His firm black mane flowed like a river with the wind as he stopped, smoothly.




            Garret and Kailua, the Queen, were woken up abruptly in the morning. The maiden that was spying on Rachel the day before was in their room.


            “Majesty,” She quietly said, bowing, “Your daughter, she is gone. There is a long rope leading from her room window to the ground.” The maiden moved as Garret jumped out of bed suddenly.


            As he was about to leave his room to change and order the guards to saddle his horse, the maiden spoke once more. “Oh, and Sir? Her horse is gone.”


            Garret looked away and whispered to himself, “Rachel, what have you done?”


            He ran to the guards and ordered them to get his horse. They saddled up quick and then they were off.


            Garret let them keep up a good pace and he pushed his horse on farther and harder. If Rachel were caught this time, trying to save her friends, they would instantly kill her. No amount of money would stop this.


















Chapter 5: Diversion


            Rachel’s idea to get in was not the best idea but she was going to sneak in. She jumped off of Siria and hid him behind a big boulder close to the entrance. The sun was high in the sky and Rachel wanted to get in at night, so she waited behind the boulder for nightfall.


            That calm night, Rachel approached the door, ready to enter. First she had to find something to unlock the door, without making too much noise. 


            She grabbed the hair clip holding her thick, pale blond hair up. It was just the right size to pick the lock and in a matter of minutes she was inside.


            There was a tiny scraping groan as she opened the door. As she walked on the hard rock floor, her feet make a small padding noise.


            It was only then when she came across the door that led to Cristian and Sam. Near the door sat the sandy haired man, asleep. Rachel softly moved near the man to retrieve the key. She gently felt inside his pocket and slowly took out the key.


            It made a small jingling noise, but not enough to wake anyone. Or so she thought.


            And she thought correctly. No one woke up. It was still and silent all around her. She fumbled with the keys, and then opened the door.


            She then went up to Cristian (Who was sleeping on the floor, Sam was on the bed) and woke him. As she did so she muffled him by holding her hand over his mouth.


            He awoke surprised and happy to see her. Sam woke too and began to say something but Cristian shut him up.


            Rachel whispered to them, “I have come, to free you. Now come with me…”


            The sandy haired man then cut off Rachel. He was now awake. This was bad.


            He grabbed Rachel by the hair and yelled out loud, “C’mon boys, wake up, we got the girl back. Guess she wanted to save her’ lil’ friends here.” He chuckled once and then threw Rachel at the two men who just stepped up to the door.


            Rachel held back a cry of pain as she was pulled out of the room and to where Jessie was.


            He looked furious, and then sighed calmly. “I’ll make you an agreement, alright.” Jessie spoke softly.


            He ordered the men to grab Cristian and Sam once more and bring them to him.


            He then looked at Rachel and spoke again, “If you stay with me, and we marry, then your little friends here can live!” Jessie gave a little grin and waited for her to respond, “Or I will kill them both, and you can live in this god forsaken place for the rest of your life, alone.”


            Rachel glanced at Cristian and Sam fearfully, scared on what to say. She liked Cristian a lot, and maybe even loved him, and couldn’t let him and Sam die. But if she married Jessie she would live unhappily for the rest of her long life, without the one she loved.


            “Well… I will, only if you promise to let them go, safely.” Rachel broken-heartedly said. “But I will never love you…” Rachel hissed in a snake bite tone.


            That made Jessie mad. He struck her and she fell to the floor. That was when Cristian angrily ran to punch Jessie. But it was too late. Jessie pulled out his sword and stabbed Cristian. Cristian cried out in pain, and fell to the ground, still with the sword buried in him.


            Rachel was petrified. This could not happen. She jumped up ready to strike Jessie back, when he grabbed Sam and held a knife to Sam’s throat.


            “Make another move, and he dies to.” Jessie gravely said. 


            Rachel stepped back and was grabbed by one of the men. She looked at Cristian and a river of tears fled from her eyes.


            Jessie released his firm grip on Sam and gave him to the other man. As he did that, he looked into Rachel’s pain filled eyes and then as if being hypnotized, looked away.


            Rachel yelled to Cristian who was lying on the ground pale, but not dead. “No! Don’t Die!” She saw the fear in his eyes and then whispered loudly, “I….. Love you.”


            Cristian then smiled grimly and spoke, “really?”


            Jessie gazed at the two and then spit on the ground and laughed, “How pitiful,”


            Then Rachel saw Cristian’s eyes fog up and then close gently. 


            She felt like her heart just broke into a million pieces.




Chapter 6: Gone.


            The men were about to throw Sam and Rachel inside the cell, but then suddenly Garret came in, sword held high. Beside him were two other guard soldiers. They too had their swords held high.


            Garret spoke fierce words to Jessie and the others, “Let them all go, or you all die.


            The sandy haired man began to laugh along with the two men.


            The sand haired man chuckled, “You really think that you’re going to win. Heck, there are more of us then there is of you!


            “Only by one. It’s still worth a try, since we will win!” Garret cockily said.


            So they all lifted their swords and began to fight. After Garret got one of the men, wounded, not killed, he took his sword and threw it up to Sam to catch.


Sam grabbed it and looked scared. Obviously he never used a sword before. He worked with it fairly well though. Rachel looked at Sam for one moment and then, as if forgotten, ran to Cristian to see if he was still alive.


She lifted his limp head and checked if he was still breathing. She then checked his pulse. There was nothing.


She fearfully looked at his pale face. She felt the smooth texture of his hair. Rachel was mad at herself for what happened. It was all her fault. And now an innocent was killed. An innocent she loved.


She looked up one more time, and saw her father, Sam and one guard standing. Garret lifted the other guard who was wounded with the help of the standing guard.


Sam ran over to Cristian and also did as Rachel. He checked his breathing and pulse. No life for Sam to recognize either.


Suddenly, out of nowhere, Rachel kissed Cristian soft, icy cold cheek.


“Rachel.” Garret sighed. “Its over. He’s gone.”


Tears welled up in Rachel’s eyes and then something happened. It was very weird. Rachel could feel someone looking at her. She felt the presence of another. Someone great and powerful. But it didn’t as much scare her, as it did glorify her heart with joy.


Everyone looked at her as she smiled.


She got up with Sam and softly spoke, “He’s safe, with God.”


Garret smiled at her and Sam, trying to smile, headed out along with the guard and Garret holding the wounded soldier.


Rachel stopped a minute and called to Sam.


“Sam. We have to bring the body, for a grave fit for him!”


Sam walked back in and looked at Rachel. “Rachel, do you love him?”


Rachel looked back at him believingly and said, “I did.”


Sam smiled back to her and stopped to say, “Because, even though he didn’t say it, I think he loved you too.”


Rachel smiled back at Sam. And as she did that, a small tear fell down her cheek. This tear was not of pain or sadness, but of love and joy.















Chapter 7: Home.


            After the horses were saddled up, Rachel rode with her Dad on his horse, Sam rode on Siria with Cristian’s body and the guard rode his Chestnut Arabian with the wounded soldier.


            They rode slowly so that Sam and the guard could keep the other two on top.


            The dusty desert sand blew in the air undisturbed until the slowly loping horses stirred the dirt from its natural fixated place.


            Rachel felt the hot wind gliding across her dirty face. She grasped a hold onto her flying, pale blond hair. She tucked her untidy hair behind her small ear and then began to think for a while.


            She wondered why she felt so strongly the presence of someone great. She knew it had to be and Angel, or God.


            For some reason she felt as if Cristian wasn’t exactly dead. She felt like he was just in heaven, waiting to be sent back into his body to live a long life.


            They traveled for such a long time it seemed like, but before long they were back in the comforts of the castle.


            Right away two maidens and the queen rushed out to greet them. The maidens helped Sam carry Cristian’s body into one of the guest rooms along with the guard.


            Sam looked at Cristian one more time and softly whispered, as if heard by Cristian, “Goodbye my friend. May God be with you. I’ll miss you forever.”


Sam turned away and began to walk out of the door. But before he could leave he heard a wisp of wind go by him and around Cristian’s body. He quickly twisted his body to the noise. But then there was silence once more so Sam turned once more to the door and left.


            Sam met Rachel in the hallway in the bottom floor. She glanced at him and then continued to walk, quiet fast downwards towards two big closed doors.


            Sam followed close behind her and watched her open the door.


            There on the other side of the door was a young woman and man. It was Rachel’s oldest sister and her husband.


            “Welcome Melissa and Jake of Gallier!” Rachel happily said.


             She then hugged Melissa and greeted Jake admiringly.


            Rachel brought them into a living room with her father and mother. They talked for a long while.


            As they talked of the journey and of a young man who was killed named Cristian, Sam walked around sort of exploring the whole place. He finally ended up back in the room Cristian’s numbed body was laid. He stared for a minute in disbelief and then heard a small knock on the door.


            The door creaked open and Rachel shuffled in. She looked up at Sam and then went to the pale body of Cristian. She knelt down beside the bed in which Cristian was laid and closed her eyes. Sam saw that she was praying, very deeply until her sister Melissa came in the room with Jake.


            Melissa and Jake both knelt down with Rachel and out loud they prayed for Cristian. And as they finished Sam lifted his head and opened his eyes. Even though he wasn’t really a Christian or believed in God, he still prayed along with the other three.


            Melissa passed her grieving sister and kissed her on the forehead, “I only wish for you to be happy, and find the right man. Do not linger on broken dreams, but rise up and dedicate your love to Jesus. I love you sister, be well.” Her eyes stayed fixed on Rachel’s for a moment, and then glanced away.


            After Melissa and Jake left, Rachel kissed Cristian’s dry, bloodstained lips and said slowly and peacefully, “I love you Cristian, and I always will.”


            Sam looked at the ground sorrowfully. Rachel and Cristian were starting something, and now because of his own foolishness and stupidity, it was over.


            Rachel rose and began to walk away when suddenly the door closed and when both Rachel and Sam turned to see Cristian, they were knocked over onto their knees.


            There was a gleaming light of glorious praise. Both just smiled widely and cried out with happiness. There was a tall women standing in front of them, smiling.  


            The angel said with elegance and grace, “I have great news to bring forth to you today.” She paused for just a moment and then continued, “The Lord God has forwardly brought your friend to life on this earth once more.”


            She lifted her head and pointed to both of them, “You three are to embark on a quest. You are to head to Balere to search for a young prince who is lost. He holds an untold secret, to which has the importance to save many lives. Find him.”


            She then spoke one last time until disappearing into thin air. “We will meet again in your travels. God will be with you!” She exuberantly said.


            Rachel immediately stood up and faced Sam. “Sam, she said ‘us three’ which means that...-” Rachel was cut off.


She and Sam saw the miraculous thing happen. It was incredible. Cristian rose from the bed and looked at them both. He grinned at them and walked towards them steadily.


            Rachel felt her heart restored. It was a wonderful sensation and she ran to him hugging him.


            “I Love you!” Rachel whispered energetically.


            And Cristian responded “As do I love you, but that is not why I have been brought back. I may not stay as long as you think.”


            But Rachel just ignored him and continued to squeeze him tightly in joy.





Chapter 8: ALIVE AND WELL!


            Rachel happily ran to tell her mother and father the great news! The miracle, which had just taken place in front of her eyes, brought her lover back to life!


            She grabbed Cristian’s hand and dragged him along with her.


            “Slow down love, I may not be dead, but I was still stabbed and wounded greatly.” Cristian looked at her as she stopped and grinned.


            Rachel apologized to Cristian and then began to stride forwardly with pride.


            They met the queen walking in the hallway, and when she heard what happen, she looked up into the heavens and said two simple, but gracious words. ‘Thank you.’


            She was obviously proud that her own daughter had finally found love and could soon marry this young man.


            At suppertime Rachel came forward with an announcement to her mother and father.


            “Mother, father, The Angel I told both of you of, appointed us to a task. She told us to go to Balere and find a young price that is lost. She said he held an untold mystery. We must leave as soon as possible!”


            Rachel breathed in deeply, holding in excitement, hoping for them to accept this offered quest by the angel.


            “We’ll think about it Rachel, but first, Get some rest. You looked absolutely exhausted.” The king wearily said.

            “As for me, a nice cup of tea will do for now” The king added, ordering a maiden passing by to retrieve some for him.


            Rachel sighed, “Okay.”


            Rachel trudged upstairs with Cristian and Sam and then showed them where they were to sleep.


            First Rachel showed Sam the bedroom, which he could use for the next few nights that they would stay. Rachel assured Cristian and Sam that they would get new clothes to wear before they left on the trip. (If they could leave, that was.)


            Then, as Sam got comfortable in his room, Cristian followed Rachel to his room. As they walked he tried to stay beside her so he wouldn’t step on her dress.


Rachel walked him to his room. They both Sat on the bed and turned to each other.


Rachel sighed and then hopingly asked him, “Cristian. Did you ever think of marriage?”


            Cristian looked into her blue eyes and as he spoke he moved in towards her and tucked her pale blond hair behind her ear. “I don’t know Rachel. I mean we’re so young and…I might not be around for too long.”


            Rachel looked at him, as if offended and spoke crossly, “Don’t speak that way! You’re not going to die. Obviously God wants you to live, so stop saying that kind of stuff!” She stopped for only a second and then continued. “I wouldn’t let something like that happen.”



            After Rachel stopped speaking she wisped out of the door and into the corridor to land on her bed swiftly.


            Sam entered Cristian’s room and approached him, “So, are you and Rachel planning out your wedding yet?”


            “I don’t know, but she seemed kind of mad when I told her that we were a bit young, and I might not be around for too long, and anyways, we really should be focusing on finding that prince right?” Cristian moaned, “I’m just so confused right now.”


            “That probably wasn’t exactly the right thing to say,” Sam sank more into the bed patiently.


            “Well,” Cristian began, “It was all kind of sudden, I mean I just died and came back to life, and then out of nowhere she just sort of—proposed to me.”


            “Women are so confusing,” Sam complained.


            “Oh, so now you’re the expert on girls?” Cristian laughed,“ well, I still... love her. But now I ruined everything I guess. I would love to marry her soon, just not now. I mean you never know what will happen next.”


            It was silent for a moment and then Sam spoke, “Well, maybe she just needs some time to think things out, you know?”


            Cristian nodded his head.


That night Cristian lay in bed thinking of all the things he went through in the past little while. Since he and Sam had been caught, and met Rachel lots of things happened.


He tried to forget what the Angel had told him when he was dead. About what his fate would come out to.


She had said: ‘Cristian, son of Blake, You will be brought back to life to be sent on a quest. But after you finish the quest, then there is no need for you on this earth anymore and God will take you back into his kingdom with welcome arms.’


Cristian groaned. That was most of the reason why he couldn’t be with Rachel. After the quest he had to die. And he never wanted to, but that was fate. It had to happen sooner or later. 


            If he died and he was with Rachel, then she would never love again. (Or so he heard that if you lose one you loved, then you would never marry again.)


            He never wanted that. He wanted Rachel to be happy.


            Finally Cristian fell asleep. He was now calmer. He was to tell Sam what is in store for his future, but not Rachel, at least not yet.








Chapter 9: misunderstanding


            Christian woke to the sound of a maiden bringing a wash basket into his room. She took out some clean, new folded clothes.


            She looked at him as he began to rise, and then spoke with an accent unheard of to Cristian, “Beggin me pardon sir, didn’t mean to interrupt with your sleepin now….” She paused, and then continued, “there’s some new clothes ere’ for you to’ wear before you come down for breakfast, now if you don’t mind that is.”


            The maiden left swiftly, and Cristian rose out of bed, and began to look through the clothes to find the nicest of them all. He wanted to look good if he was to impress Rachel and her Family. And after all, he had to apologise to Rachel for seeming so down against marriage last night.


            Cristian headed to Sam’s bed after getting dressed. He had a skimming white blouse with a tanned coloured pull over, which was tightened by strings at the belly. He also wore some brown, long legged pants to go with. He then clipped on his necklace that was usually hidden under his shirt. It was from his mother before she died.


            Cristian walked into Sam’s room and saw that he was wearing black, which was a very fetching colour on him, especially since he had dark brown hair.


            Sam gave a smirk as he walked towards the door to Cristian. “Best we be gettin down stairs before all the breakfast food is gone or we will have to wait till’ dinner to eat.” Sam muttered to Cristian.


            Both guys began to walk steadily towards the stairs, which wound down to the dining room.


            Once they arrived at the food filled table, the king and queen greeted them to sit at a chair. Cristian purposefully sat beside Rachel who was elegantly dressed. She had a long, light blue dress that flowed to the floor. She had white lace, which over coated the blue colour.


            She smiled at Sam, and just glanced at Cristian.


            The king looked at the three sitting together and spoke adequately, “You three shall be taken outside to the garden for prayer and speech after breakfast, and then you will get some exercise outside in the woods. It’s a big forest so don’t get lost.”


            The three nodded their heads and then the queen spoke, “When the sun is in the highest point in the sky, come back for dinner.” She looked at the three sincerely, and then glanced at the king as he added something, “Or you can come for dinner when you’re hungry.”


            As they finished Sam and Cristian began to pile food onto their plates. The both looked at each other and grinned. This was the BEST breakfast they had ever had.



            After the delicious breakfast, the three headed out the door as the king hollered “Have a good time!”


            Sam and Cristian walked towards the garden, with Rachel leading them.


            Once they moved inwards towards the garden, Rachel opened a big gate in front of them. They were finally in. It was so exquisite. Cristian and Sam both gasped at its wonders.

            “It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” Sam exclaimed.


            Rachel led them to a certain spot in the middle where there was a small clearing that the sunlight shone upon. There was a little stone chair, which was assuming fully for the prayers.


            Sam asked for permission to ‘walk around’ and left for Cristian and Rachel to talk and work things out.


            Cristian sat on the bench with Rachel and looked at her. She turned towards him, looking down at her dress.


            “I’m sorry for seeming so down before, I just think we should be focused on the task ahead of us.” He hesitated and then continued, “I hate to fight, and I do love you, it’s just that...”


Rachel looked at him and a tear ran down her cheek. She started to speak and then faltered for a moment, “I…”


            She wiped away her tear and began to speak again, “I feel so stupid,” She wavered for and instant and then finished before she began to pour rain, “I can’t believe I did this, and now I’m making you apologize, even though you never did anything. I’m sorry.”


            Cristian wiped away another tear that was trickling down her cheek with his thumb.


            She smiled as he looked into her eyes. Cristian felt as if he was in another world. A world full of love and beauty. He felt as if she hypnotized him with her… Eyes… She looked deeply into his eyes as he slowly lifted his hand onto her smooth cheek.


            They both closed their eyes as they dreamingly reached in slowly for a kiss. Cristian felt Rachel’s warm, wet lips touch his. He gradually began to discontinue the affectionately caring kiss.


            He looked once more into her deep blue eyes and began to softly speak words, which came from his heart. “Love is a feeling which wells up inside of someone and pours out to a special person. In my case, it’s you. I love you Rachel more than I ever could love anyone else.”


            Rachel’s eyes twinkled as she gazed at Cristian. She then lifted her arms and hugged him joyously.       









Chapter 10: Together.


     “I guess that means you guys won’t be fighting for a while then?” Sam mockingly said, walking out from behind a bush of roses.


            “Sam, what were you umm… doing here?” Cristian said embarrassingly


     “Do you really think I’m gonna miss that?” Sam sneered unconscientiously.


            “Oh, you are in so much trouble Sam!” Cristian yelled as he jumped up and began to chase Sam.


            Sam and Cristian hollered and yelled and Rachel looked at them, as if a teacher disciplining young schoolboys and they both quieted down. The three impressively walked out of the garden two hours later, smiles on their faces.


            They headed to the quiet, dark forest unaware of what their future would soon unfold. Rachel scurried past Sam and Cristian and ran forth, into the deep, mysterious trees. Following a path, the three darted around, exploring.


            As they ran around in search for things, Cristian began to pick flowers for Rachel. He soon held a huge bouquet of all sorts of colourful plant life.


            He began to approach Rachel to give her the flowers of unexplainable beauty. “Rachel, these are for you!” Cristian softly whispered, looking into her eyes as they both smiled.


            Rachel gasped and pulled her gentle hand on her heart. “They’re beautiful!” She said strongly.


            “Yes, they are.” Cristian began, “They are beautiful as the sunshine, and the grass blowing in the strong wind. They are even as beautiful as a Stallion running in the wind with spirit, but nothing is as beautiful as you… Not even these flowers.”


            Rachel beamed up at him, and then slowly kissed him. As they kissed a dove rose in the air and flew right past them. Then the sunshine gleamed across the trees onto the two. It was like a spot light, glimmering on the two.


            Cristian knew in his heart, she was the one. He could never doubt a love like the one he felt with Rachel.           


            Sam interrupted them as he walked by. “Can I ever leave for just one second and not have you two kissing when I come back?”


            All three smiled and giggled.


            “Sam, I need to talk to you.” Cristian suddenly said, stricken with seriousness. “Alone.”


            Sam agreed and the two walked away, leaving Rachel alone in the woods.


            Cristian decided that he had to tell Sam that after they finished the quest, he would die… Pass away. 


            They stood behind a huge tree and talked.

            Cristian began to tell Sam what was bound to happen to him, and it was to happen. It was Fate.


            Sam looked at Cristian uneasily. “Why? Can’t we stop it? You died once, and I’m not going to let it happen again.” Sam said, shaking his head nervously. 


            “No Sam, we can’t stop it its just-….” Sam cut Cristian off.


            “What about Rachel? Huh? What do you think she’ll do if that happens? She’ll die along with you!” Sam began to yell as tears fell from his eyes.


            “I know, I know” Cristian said calmly.


            Sam turned away from him slightly.


            “I may have to tell her soon.” Cristian spoke, steadily. 


            Sam wiped the tears away that were beginning to stream across his cheeks. “We better go back and meet Rachel before she gets lost.”


            Cristian nodded his head in agreement and the both began to walk towards where they last left Rachel.


            Once they neared where Rachel was to be, Cristian stopped abruptly. He sniffed the air. “Do you smell that Sam?”


            Sam replied instantly after smelling the air also. “It’s a pond or a bog or something.”


            They continued to walk again. They arrived to the place where Rachel was supposed to be, but she wasn’t there. 


            They started to scream out her name, but they were hushed when they heard some bushes rustling. And after that there was some pattering noise coming around them.

            Cristian felt the hair on his back stand up as he stood in place, stunned of who or what might be lurking in the woods.


            Whoever, or whatever it was, was surrounding them it seemed like, but then Christian and Sam both were embarrassed.


            Both boys suddenly jumped as Rachel yelled after jumping up from behind them. “GOTCHYA!!”


            They began to laugh and then Cristian reminded himself of that stench.


            “Hey you guys, lets find that pond or bog or whatever it is that’s stinking up the whole place.”


            They decided to go and as they hiked across the small path they followed, Cristian thought about Rachel. Should he tell her? She was bound to know anyways, sooner or later that he was going to die, again. And very, very soon.


















Chapter 11: Saharae


     Once they arrived by the water, Cristian said lovingly, “Look at this… I thought it was gonna be uncivilized, but it’s a pretty nice place!” Cristian peered into the murky water and stuffed his hand in his pocket, feeling a small, cold ring.


            “I guess your not always right then are you?” Rachel said, mockingly.


            Sam sighed. “It’s not fair. You two have each other, and what am I stuck with? Nothing! I wish I could just…”


            Sam was halted from words as he looked at a beautiful young lady with curly blond hair come out from behind a small tree on the other side of the pond. She wore an elegant dress, which fled, down to her feet. Its colours sparkled in the daylight. Sam gasped at the brilliant whiteness of the girl.


            “She’s-She’s—beautiful!” Sam whispered to the other two, who were holding hands at this time.


            “Who are you and why are you here?” Rachel yelled across the water.


            “I am Saharae of Kalmia, a far away land. I am lost. My father, he was killed, and I was taken away to be a slave, but I escaped from the captivity of those who took me, and now I ended up here.”  She paused and looked at Sam smiling faintly.


            “My father was king, and I am princess. But, I have a brother who I have lost, he is- was to be king.” Saharae spoke sadly.


            The lost prince!’ Cristian thought


            Rachel, Sam and Cristian looked at each other smiling.


            “We will help you find him! I am the princess of this land. My father shall help us get ready to leave.” Rachel explained to Saharae, Still shouting.


            As Saharae walked around the pond towards the others, Sam whispered out loud to Rachel and Cristian, “Lucky timing, eh?”


            Rachel and Cristian looked at each other and smiled. If Sam were with her, then he wouldn’t be complaining. Anyways, then they could both end up ruling a country that way.


            “Okay, let’s go.” Saharae said as she was now near to them.


            “First,” Rachel began, “Everyone follow me somewhere, and we still have a few hours before we have to return home for dinner!”


            They walked for about fifteen to twenty minutes until they entered a clearing in the forest. Everyone gasped and Rachel majestily smiled.


            There was an immensely huge waterfall and many big stones at the bottom with mist surrounding them. Cristian ran towards the waterfall and felt the cool mist on his face.


            He manoeuvred around some rocks and then signalled Rachel to follow him. They reached around some trees and were soon safely behind the waterfall.


            It was wet and cold in the waterfall, but they didn’t mind. The both sat down on a dead log and Cristian began to talk as he looked at Rachel, peering into her loving eyes.


            “Rachel,” He breathed in deeply, “I want you to know that not heaven or Hell could keep me from you. Nor could death make a barrier for my love to you. I would die trying to live without you!”


            She smiled widely and giggled.


            Cristian began to kneel on the ground as he cleared his throat. He pulled a small, but beautiful ring from his leather pocket. The ring was golden with diamonds surrounding the outside. “Will you marry me?”


            “I know we haven’t known each other for long, but we are old enough and I asked your father for his blessings and he agreed. He also gave me this beautiful ring. He said that it was your Grandmothers.”


            A tear streamed down Rachel’s cheek. She jumped up to hug him and kiss him. Cristian looked into her eyes and said, “I take that as a yes then?”


            Rachel grinned and nodded her head, “Yes!”




            Outside Sam and Saharae talked. They started and conversation on where she was from and where her brother might be. They stopped when they saw Cristian and Rachel emerge from the waterfall. Cristian was carrying her happily.


            “We’re getting married!” Rachel Exclaimed to the two.


            “Wow! That was…. Sudden!” Sam puffed. “I’m happy for you two!”


            Saharae quietly spoke, “Wow you don’t know how lucky you are Mrs. Rachel. I must marry the man of my fathers or mothers choosing.”


            “You mean like an arranged wedding?” Rachel said, astonishingly.


            “Yes.” Saharae bowed her head.


            “Well that’s just awful!” Rachel spoke, amazed.


            “But your father is gone now and your mother…” Rachel stopped sorrowfully.


            “She, was taken and killed.” Saharae answered trying not to sob.


             “Well doesn’t that mean that you can choose who ever of your liking to marry?” Rachel asked.


            “I- I guess so.” Saharae said with her voice slowly trailing.


            She looked at the ferns and trees and took a deep, sighing breath.










Chapter 12: Good news or bad?


            Rachel and Cristian lay on a mossy rock, which was half in the water and half on land. They took about their wedding plans and Sam and Saharae sat on an also large rock above Rachel and Cristian. They sat over the cool waterfall, mist surrounding them both.


            “I just can’t believe it still..” Rachel sighed.


            “Believe? Believe what?” Cristian curiously looked at Rachel’s deep eyes.


            “We’re getting married Cristian…. and I was thinking… what if its to soon?” Rachel peered down at her feet.


            Cristian lifted her chin upwards again and kissed her on the cheek, “Whatever you want to do… It’s your choice and I don’t want to have to force you into anything.”


            He paused and picked up a water lily from nearby, “I just can’t tell you how much I love you. I know it is quite soon, but I just feel it in my heart…” As Cristian spoke, he stuck the bud through her hair and tucked it behind her ear.


            “I understand that… and I feel that way to…. I think… but…” Rachel took out the flower and threw it on the ground, “I don’t think I can. I’m sorry for misleading you but, its not gonna work out I don’t think…”


            Rachel got up and jumped across a few rocks until she was safely on the ground. She then began to run away sobbing.


            “But Rachel…” Cristian cried.


            Sam and Saharae slowly walked down to Cristian, peering at the ground. “I’m- so sorry, I really thought it would work out between you two…. But you know.. She is a girl…” Sam whispered.


            “I don’t understand,” Cristian spoke sadly.


            He began to walk away towards the direction Rachel ran to. Sam and Saharae looked at each other and walked with him trying to comfort him.


            “It was just to soon for her, She needs some time to come to her senses.” Sam reassuringly told Cristian.


            “I thought she really loved me back, but I guess I was wrong.” Cristian wept as Sam and Saharae watched him sympathetically.


            “Well we ought to find Rachel before she gets lost, or hurt or kidnapped like Saharae was,” Sam looked up to Cristian and then smiled at Saharae as her light blond hair flew through the wind.


            “Yes Cristian that’s not a bad idea, those men could still be looking for me.” Saharae said.


            Christian nodded his head slightly and then began to take a deep sigh in pain and broken heartedness.







Rachel ran as fast as she could until she reached a small riverbank. She dipped her hands in the cool liquid and drank thirstily. She wiped away some oncoming tears and sat by a large tree. She knelt lightly over a rock and began to pray. “Dear Lord,” She began, “I don’t know what to do right now, I’m in a time of need, and I need you to get me through safely. I pray that you would help me do what I need to do. Just show me what I must do. Please Lord. Amen.”


            Rachel stopped and fell back sadly, opening her eyes. She was about to shut her eyes again to rest when she suddenly heard some rustling in a nearby bush on her right. Then she heard more noise, this time on her left. She looked back and forth carefully, her small hands trembling.


            She leapt up quickly as large men jumped from different places around her. They grabbed her by the wrists as she struggled and screamed, and then suddenly a man in a dark grey cloak appeared In front of her.


            “What is your name young lady?” He asked in a soft, but cruel voice.


            When Rachel never answered him and just stared he raised his voice. “I SAID, What is your name?”


            Rachel frightfully looked into his dark brown eyes and looked away.


            He yelled at her this time obviously very angry, “ANSWER ME or else your penalty will be bad. Who are you?”


            A tear fell from her eye as she answered, “My name is… Crystal.”


            He looked at her and raised his eyebrow, “Crystal huh? Hmm.”


            He looked at her up and down, inspecting her as If she was a wild deer that had just been caught and bound by the legs.


            She couldn’t help but feel terrible. She wished that Cristian were with her.


            She quietly said a prayer for her safety and the safety of Saharae, Sam and Cristian as she was slowly dragged into a wagon. There were two horses pulling the cart, a chestnut and paint. Following close behind was four other horses, a bay, And three Arabians.


            Rachel was stuffed into the corner of the huge wagon, which also held a barrel full of food and water, small cages that held chickens and weapons at the far end.


            She looked to her right and spotted another prisoner shaking in fright.


            Rachel was about to speak to the young woman, but at that moment, a guard came in to grab the weapons. “Wont want you t’ be holdin’ these now would we?” He laughed as he slammed the wooden door shut.




The End

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