Angel Goose

Once upon a time, in the beautiful park. The sun was out, and the flowers grown. The weather was just right for the beautiful ducks and geese to come out to play. 

While people taking pictures of these wonderful God-giving animals, the ducks and geese were enjoying their outdoors. Swimming in the water was a special daily exercise. They also been fed by humans. But then, a special goose came up from no where. Oh my! Where did he come from? He must have came from where the rest of the geese came from. They came from the lake. 

Even though this goose look just like all the other geese. Light brown feathers with dark chocolate brown long necks, and those little eyes that can make a person's heart melt. 

But there is a difference. This little angel goose, called Angel was handicapped. He hopped on his right foot, because his left foot was injured. And because of that, he was being mistreated. His heart was always in the right place, and he doesn't seemed to allow that to bother him. 

But one day, his parents allowed him to go outside to play. But when he do, he would get teased. Sometimes it's the ducks. Other times, it's the other geese. They would say all kinds of cruel things to him like, "he can't swim, he's handicap." Or, "What's the matter? Your foot hanging by a thread?" They even made pirate jokes at him. "Arrrgh matey! Why is your foot hanging down?" And they would laugh and laugh and laugh.

That really hurt him so bad. He did not want to go out. He was sitting on the grass alone. Asking God, "What did I ever do to deserve this?" And he cried.

Then, a beautiful light came onto him. And deep down, Angel heard God's voice speaking to him. 

"You are special. You are unigue. I know, I created you. Dry your eyes, and be you!"

Angel rose up, and felt a lot better. He knew that he was special, because God told him that he was. He went outside, and he told the ducks and geese that he is special, because God said so. They left him alone, and he spent the rest of the day. He spent the rest of the day enjoying food and the weather. He didn't care about his disability. And that is why he is an Angel Goose.

The End

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