God how can this be happening...it's a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!

The Vampire had been down in the basement for a week now. I sat down beside him, I was trying to get him to speak to me. If he would be shown in public he'd have to speak. "So, what is your name?" I asked him. "Something beginning with S, I forget it now" he said and smiled to himself. "Why did you catch me anyways?" he asked. "That I can't reveal, and don't go reading my thoughts" I said. He smiled and I knew he was trying to read them. I had been practicing putting up barriers that he couldn't get in, he frowned in defeat. "I told you not to try" I said. For something terrible sometimes he was very human. "Do you like music?" I asked him. "Yes, my faverouite band is iron and wine" he said. 

The End

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