You know something weird? It's that even you can fall under the spell of something you hate

The vampire was convulsing on the bed, like he was in terrible pain. I hated seeing anything like that. Oh godess! He opened his eyes and for a moment our eyes connected. He stopped moving and lay completly still. Like he had finally given up to shake the pain and give in to it. I walk over to him and place a hand on the bed he was in. He was strapped down to the bed with wood. The one thing he could get hurt with. He was looking up vacantly. "Remember me?" I ask him in a sweet voice. Something crosses his face like if he could he'd be crying. I look at him shocked, he looked so vulnerable. no don't think that. He looks at me and struggles feebly against the wood binding him. "Sorry pal, but it looks like your stuck" I say. He closes his eye's and thats when I see it. He's not suffering from the wood, it was the lack of blood. I lower my wrist to his mouth. My crew had to make sacrifices. He opened his eye's again and I saw a shoot of hunger cross his face. But then he receeds back down. "Oh just take it, we gotta keep you alive" I say. He pounces so suddenly that I'm almost knocked over. I felt the blood draining from me, and when I knew he'd had enough I drew back. "Ok woah! That's enough budy" I say acting casual. But I'm feeling very faint. "I took to much" he sais, to himself, and when he spoke it sent a shiver through my spine. It wasn't beautiful today, it was cracked and parched sounding, hoarse. God it was a vampire not a human. I told myself, but he looked "Don't let it fool you" he said suddenly. "What?" I ask puzzled. Oh he'd been reading my mind. I glare at him but I'm still feeling woozy. "Fine! I won't read your mind, god" he sais exhasperated. I look at him in a "gosh you can't help it" way. He rolls his eyes, then relaxes on the bed. "So, what you gonna do to me?" he asks unconcerned. "Probably expose you" i say. "How you gonna do that?" he asks curiously. "James is gonna sacrifice some of his blood in front of a bunch of cameras that will be posted on youtube" I say.

The End

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