Angel from hell

A girl who has been hunting down a vampire for her whole life, but when she finally succeeds she seems to get attached to this strange creature.

The first thing I noticed as signs, we're the claw marks. Only something supernatural could do that. But what? I had been studying vampires, witches and werewolves all my life. But I've never found anything but bits of hair. Until now. I was pretty sure this wasn't done by anything else but a vampire. First a body drained of all it's blood. Now a tree with claw marks but had a handprint. No human could ever do that. I would figure this out if it was the last thing I did. "Hey, Lana! Check this out" sais my best friend James.


I walk over to where he was. Oh godess! Standing in the tree was a sign. It was two lignes then a dot in the middle. But the worst part was it was written in blood. You might not beleive me. But it was, and there was a long word in our language saying "Go away, before you get killed too". My breath caught this was deffinatly a vampire we were dealing with. Then I notticed something move. Froma tree, to another tree. Just a glimpse of bronze hair. But it caught my eye. I looked up, then started climbing. I broke off a branch, and tucked it under my arm. My heart was probably beating loud in the things ears. I bet he was listening to my thoughts right now. I think if I could I'd tell everyone that I was the first human to ever prove vamps and super-naturals exhisted. I smiled and keep climbing. I get to the top and then finally see...him? He was so beautiful. Not how undead are supposed to look like. He smiled and exposed dangerously sharp teeth. No not teeth, fangs. I smile because he doesn't know what I have. He beckons to me to come closer, and I do. I move closer to him. "What's your name?" he asks, the vampire asks, not he. "Lana, but I bet you heard my friend James call me that" I say still smiling. He looked at me and lost his grin. He narrowed his eyes, at that moment I knew he knew I had the branch. "Yes, you have heard of us. Well, maybe not heard" he sais but not lightly. I look at him with hard eyes. "I know this will hurt, but it won't kill you" I say, then I stab him. Not in the heart, but he still falls to the forest floor. Unconscious. I climb down to where James is still standing. He gives me a big high five. Then we each take the vampire into our truck. He was sort of beautiful, in a way. We take him down to my basement, and that's when I notice. The vampire is smiling. I look at him in disgust. They we're such weird things. But in a way that horrified me, they we're interesting. Like a cat that doesn't age and has super ability's. And for a second, he looked human...

The End

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