The ClubMature

Cree drove us to "Hideout" out on Tucker Avenue, across the street from Hildebrand Steak House. The music for was loud enough to hear from a block over. You could hear Kesha's song 'Tik-Tok' from the back entrance. This was going to be absolutely amazing.

We met a few guys outside who got us in  without even needing our I.D.'s. What luck- for us. I ditched the guys and followed Cree to the bar.

"What can I get you, Ladies? I'm Rick, the bartender."

"Hey Rick! Get us two Manhattans. Good to see ya again." Cree said with excitement. Since when has she been to this place?

"Yeah. Startin to think you weren't going to show anymore. Who's this little tag-along?" He smirked. "I though you were the straight kind."

"Gawd! Really Rick? You really wanna go there again? Didn't I already show you that I could have a good time?" She started to lift her shirt, but of course, I stopped her.

"Cree, what the hell are you doing?!" I swear she was just about to strip for that guy. Luckily, our drinks came, and then  she wandered off.

"So, whats your name? What brings you here?" Rick asked.

"My names Scarlette, and Cree brings me here. I've kinda migrated to the dark side. My moms been driving me crazy." I replied. He didn't seem to care, so I walked away.

The End

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