I parked my Toyota outside Cree's house, and went in. Today we were planning her 16th birthday, like she helped with mine, that would be here in no time. Today is the 2nd I told myself, that gives us two weeks and a day to prepare for the party.

Up the front steps I walk. Giggles could be heard from inside. Huh. I guess Carson really decided he needed to apologize and try to win Cree back. Haha. Its not a hard thing to do.

"Carson, Stop! Scarlette is going to be here soon, stop it! Oh my gawd, STOP TICKLING ME!!"

"Um? Cree? You were wrong. I was here for ALL of that. Yea. Maybe you shouldn't yell. I heard you from the road." I called from outside. The door unlocked and was opened, only for me to find Carson, bag in hand, on his way out the door.

"I'll call you later Cree! Love ya! Bye, baby!" then he vanished. Honestly... I don't think I wanted to know.

I don't know which happened first, whether I smelled the smoke, or saw the cigarette.

"Cree! What are you doing?!?! What? Wha-?" I don't know where my fit came from. Of course, I was used to the smoke, because my dad did it. Cree... she should know better though. Her mom died of lung cancer, her dad is in the hospital because of it, and three other relatives are sick because of smoking.

"What? You afraid I won't share? Here." She lights one, and hands it to me. "Gawd Scarlette, loosen up. Live a little."

"No! I swear Cree, you just can't say no, can you? If your going to keep smoking, I'm gone. Don't call me, don't text me, nothing. I am tierd of having to put up with you and your crazy, irratic problems. Bye." I stormed out. There really wasn't anything to be said. It was about time she grew up, but she went the wrong way.

The End

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