"Mom, I'm headed to the library, then over to Cree's house to plan her party and watch a movie. I won't be long after its over." I yelled.

"Okay Scarlette. Call when you leave her house. Love you sweetheart!"

"Love you too mom!" I couldn't wait to get out of that house. It had been one of those days where you just couldn't stand it anymore. It seemed as though lately she had been strangling me; trying to keep me within her limits, and I just couldn't stand it anymore.

Cree Riley has been my best friend since I moved 11 summers ago, on my 5th birthday. I remember complaining to my mom 'mommy! why on my birthday?!?! no ones ever gonna like me!!! Why mommy?' I guess in a way she proved me wrong... until I got over to Cree's house that day.

The End

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