Angel Driven BackwardsMature

Scarlette used to be the perfect person every parent wanted to have. She was smart, sweet, popular, and had everything. She had one best friend since she was 6. Cree met Carson, and then is all goes down hill. Next, Scarlette meets Mason, James, and Jake. She turns her own life totally backwards trying to fit in, be cool, and impress the guys that 'loved' her.

Prologue: my life, told by me.

I hardly remember my old life, but I know I wasn't always this way. I used to be at the top of my class. Never swore, never drank, never did anything my parents wouldn't have approved of.

That was a while ago, though. I'm a different person now. Ask my mom, and she'll say I "fell into the wrong crowd." Ask my dad, and he'll say "It's just a phase, I'm sure it will wear off." If you were to ask me, I call it life. I call it change. Everyone HAS to change eventually.

I used to be the angel my mother wanted me to be, but now I'm HIS. I'm a new person, a new mind, a new being. You can't possibly change as much as I did this year. Just wait and find out. 

The End

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