Chapter 25 – Leo



I watched her fall from Sarus’ hands, I didn’t know what to do I would never get to her in time. Then out the corner of my eye I watched as Evelyn stood up and moved with lightening speed and dived and crashed straight through the glass table and caught our baby safely in her arms and she landed in a heap on the ground. I ran over to her and took our baby from Evelyn’s arms and checked her over, she was fine not a scratch on her. I heard the screams of Sarus from behind me and looked as Zodiac broke Sarus’ head clean away from his body. That was when I saw the flash of red in the corner of my eye, I turned slowly to look at Evelyn and I saw the huge shard of glass sticking up from her heart and watched as she died.

“No Evelyn!” I screamed and dropped to my knees “No!”

Evelyn began to fade away and change into a shimmer, I didn’t understand she should become one of us! Why was she disappearing!

“Zodiac what’s happening!” I screamed

“Leo, Sarus turned her into a fallen angel, she already died, she can’t have another after life” Zodiac said resting his hand on my shoulder “I’m so sorry”

“No!” I screamed and collapsed on the floor.

Pisces walked over and took the baby gently from my arms and cradled her.

“I think we need to leave Leo alone” Pisces whispered softly

Everyone began to leave the room as I curled up in pure agony crying my very soul out. Evelyn was dead, she wasn’t ever coming back, and I had to spend eternity alone. I saw her shimmer; she was floating next to me trying to touch me. I reached out hoping to touch her to.

“Evelyn!” I screamed in pain

I crawled over to the broken shards of glass on the floor and grabbed a large shard.

“Evelyn, I can’t live without you” I whispered as I plunged the glass into my heart and became a shimmer to be with my love.

The End

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