Persuasion & Burdens

Chapter 24 – Evelyn

Persuasion & Burdens


 I opened my eyes and looked around; I was back in my room laid on my bed with Leo. Leo was kissing me; his lips were hot like I remember and his hands held me tightly to him.

“Leo” I whispered

“What is it?” he asked concerned

“I think that we should fore fill the prophecy” I said

“You know of it?” he asked in disbelief

“Yes Leo, I know what you are and I know what will happen if we don’t” I said quietly

“Evelyn what are you talking about” Leo asked

“I know you’re an angel Leo and if we don’t make this child now then in nine months time there will be a war, a war in which you will die and so will many others” I said sadly “So please do this for me”

“Evelyn I don’t think we should yet” Leo said nervously

“Leo please you have to trust me, Libra sent me here” I begged “I don’t want this either but we have no choice”

I looked into his eyes begging him; he had to see how important this was.

“Ok” he nodded and began kissing me as we replayed history with a twist.


When I opened my eyes I was laid on the floor in the Chamber of Ways, Libra was stood in front of me.

“Come on push!” she shouted

“Push?” I thought

Then I felt the pain, I was here and I was in labour, I couldn’t believe it, I was giving birth! I felt someone squeezing my hand and I looked to see Leo knelt next to me.

“Leo?” I whispered

“Come on Evelyn! You can do it!” Leo said holding me tightly

I suddenly felt the wave of agony surge through my body and I began to push and scream.

“Come on Evelyn your nearly there one more push!” Libra shouted

I pushed as hard as I could and screamed at the top of my lungs and then I heard the faint sound of a baby crying.

“It’s a girl!” Libra shouted and handed me the baby

“Oh my God” I whispered

“Evelyn” Leo smiled and wiped some tears from his face

Leo kissed the top of my head and cradled me in his arms, Libra was laying a blanket on top of me and handing me one to wrap the child in. As I wrapped her in the blankets I saw the little stumps of two white wings on her back and her crystal clear blue eyes.

“She's beautiful” I whispered

There was suddenly a loud bang, like a bomb going off, it made the whole of the chamber shook and shuddered and then the doors flew open. Zodiac burst in with the rest of the angels and in Zodiac’s hand was the head of Grumlin.

“It is over” he said smiling

“W-where’s Sarus?” I stammered

“Sarus?” Zodiac asked confused

“I’m right here!” boomed a voice as Sarus smashed in through the skylight.

He swooped down and snatched my child right out of my arms.

“No!” I screamed

Sarus held her high above us all cackling and glowing red.

“I wanna see this baby go splat!” he screamed in madness

“No!” Leo begged “Sarus please!”

“Sarus stop this foolishness, you are surrounded by angels surrender” Zodiac boomed

“No!” Sarus screamed as he dropped my baby

Everything went in slow motion then, I ran to where she was falling and dived and crashed into the table and chairs and caught her in my arms and tumbled to the ground, clutching her to my chest. Everything went dark.

The End

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