Losing Reality

Chapter 23 - Evelyn

Losing Reality


I could see Sarus his breath ragged his eyes red piercing into mine; he was lost now consumed by the darkness all love was gone from within him. I was laid in a pool of blood I didn’t know if it was my own or not everything was immersed in total chaos. This place was now the battlefield of heaven and hell. Leo was laid across from me his beautiful white wings now a dirty red colour, he was still breathing heavy jerky breaths. I saw the spikes sticking up from his wings and it drew tears to my eyes. I tried to crawl over to him but every time I moved a piercing sharp pain shot through my whole body. I couldn’t see what was wrong what was hurting me so much. I felt down to my stomach where the pain was emitting from and there I felt a long metal spike straight through my stomach.


Now the panic took me over. I hadn’t believed all this was happening before now I kept thinking everything would be alright things like this couldn’t possibly happen this is all a bad dream and I’ll wake up soon in Leo’s arms and we will be happy like we said, like we promised each other. All I could focus on was this spike through my stomach this now constant agonising pain I had finally accepted.

There was a movement next to me, Leo had stood up. He was shaking violently like it took all his strength just to stand and he had yanked the thick spikes out of his wings. This beautiful powerful angel now reduced to a shaking mass of blood. He glanced at Sarus, who was focusing on the other Zodiac angels that had now arrived  to attack him, but he kept glancing at us breathing in and tasting our pain and fear, it brought a little smirk to his face every time he licked his lips and tasted it. Leo limped over to me and knelt down with a groan of immense pain. He looked at my stomach and then into my eyes. I had never seen so much grief and pain in someone’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry” he whispered

“D-don’t be” I groaned

I’ve failed you I couldn’t save you” he cried

“Leo there was nothing you could do, don’t feel responsible for this” I winced in pain

“No, hold on Evelyn you can’t die I don’t want you brought into my world not now, we can’t have the child when you die we can’t fulfil our dreams the prophecy, hold on Evelyn just keep holding on” Leo begged

I looked up into his eyes apologetically. I knew this was it, I knew as much as Leo didn’t want me to die I couldn’t hold on any longer, I just wanted the pain to go away. He had tears dripping down his face and landing onto my lips.

They tasted so sweet like little drops of sunlight and happiness. It made me smile for a brief moment, I let his tears just drop into my mouth, and they seemed to take all my pain away. I couldn’t see the chaos anymore I could just see Leo leaning over me, just me and him in our own little bubble of happiness. There was suddenly a burning pain in my stomach, it kept getting hotter and hotter until it felt like there was a fireball brewing in the pit of my stomach. My eyes shot open wide and a scream emitted from my lips. I had never been in such agony the pain worsened and worsened until I felt like I was going to explode with pain. Leo clutched my hand and closed his eyes he was still talking his lips were moving but I couldn’t hear anything come out it was like he didn’t know the pain I was in.  I was sure I was screaming and writhing in agony but to everyone else I was laid perfectly still. I couldn’t hear anything or feel the ground beneath me just the burning pain in the pit of my stomach that was spreading so quickly throughout my body.

“Leo!” I screamed but he didn’t hear me he just kept crying

My body burned and the more of Leo’s tears that landed on me the more painful it became. I looked down and I noticed what was happening, the spike was dissolving from my stomach and the hole was knitting itself together. Leo was healing me. Suddenly I saw Sarus appear behind him and drag him off by his neck.

“Leo!” I screamed

I heard footsteps coming from next to me on the ground, I looked up and saw Grumlin growling and snarling with a huge army of fallen angels behind him and I was laid in the middle of the two armies. I tried to get up but I couldn’t move.

“Prepare to fight!” Grumlin shouted and there was a sudden cheer of the fallen angels

“Ready yourselves!” Zodiac shouted and there was also a cheer from the angels

“Attack!” Zodiac and Grumlin screamed in unison

“No!” I heard Leo scream but no one listened they all began to charge with me in the centre.

I closed my eyes and waited to be crushed by the angel’s battle but it didn’t happen. I opened my eyes very slowly and realised I was now in the middle of a vast field with roses spiralling up from the grass, everywhere seemed to sparkle and teem with life.

“Where am I?” I whispered

“Safe” came a feminine voice

I turned round to see a woman stood there she was so beautiful she had long golden hair that spiralled down her back and two huge white wings with yellow flecks through them, she had golden eyes and was holding a small golden ball in one hand and large one in the other just like a pair of scales.

“Who are you?” I asked

“I’m Libra Evelyn, Leo sent me” she smiled

“Leo!” I panicked “Where is he!”

“Quiet Evelyn” Libra said gently

The large golden ball she held began to float in the air and become bigger and bigger, then a scene appeared on it, it was the volcano. Sarus held Leo over the Volcano clutching Leo’s wings tightly letting the blood from his wings drip. Suddenly Sarus grabbed Leo’s head and snapped it clean off and I watched as Leo’s dead body tumbled into the volcano and Sarus laughed and screamed.

“No” I whispered

“Evelyn you must do something to save Leo” Libra said

“I’ll do anything!” I screamed “Please bring him back to me!”

“Come with me” Libra placed her hands together and there was a flash of golden light

We were in a large chamber with a grand table in the centre.

“This is the Chamber of Ways Evelyn” Libra said quietly “To save Leo you must fore fill the prophecy”

“Which is?” I asked

“You must have a child, with Leo” Libra said

“But he’s out there! It takes nine months to have a child!” I screamed

“Evelyn, I can control time, I can take you back.” Libra said with a smile “You remember the first time you and Leo connected”

“When you say connected you mean you know?” I asked

“Yes” Libra laughed a little “Well I will take you back but this time you get pregnant Evelyn you make sure that you do”

“Oh God” I said

“I’m sorry Evelyn it’s the only way” Libra said sadly “Your child will end this war”

“Ok I’ll do it” I said sadly “Take me back”

The End

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