Chapter 22 – Leo



I watched as Evelyn grabbed Rubin’s neck and with one swift motion she broke it and Rubin was gone there was just a faint shimmer where Rubin laid and it drifted out the room and disappeared. Evelyn had killed her, I couldn’t believe it.

“Yes!” Sarus laughed “Well done Evelyn!”

Evelyn smirked and went over to Sarus tasting some of Rubin’s blood on her finger.

“No Evelyn this isn’t you!” I screamed

Evelyn laughed and put her arms around Sarus’ neck and he put his around her waist and kissed her.

“No” I whispered “No Evelyn”

“Evelyn why don’t you take care of him now?” Sarus said “Taste a Zodiac angel’s blood”

“I would love to” Evelyn kissed Sarus again and walked over to me creating two balls of dark matter in her hands.

I didn’t move I stood my ground, I wasn’t going to fight her or run from her, I knew this wasn’t my Evelyn but I knew that she was in there somewhere fighting to get out. She walked so close her face almost touched mine.

“Evelyn” I whispered

She smirked and kissed my neck but sunk her teeth in and drew some of my blood into her lips. She smiled as I winced in pain but then whispered into my ear.

“I just tasted your blood, therefore I just carried out his orders” she whispered and kissed my cheek

“Evelyn” I sighed “You really are in there”

“Go on Evelyn kill him” Sarus growled

Evelyn turned round and walked over to Sarus and once again kissed him on the lips, Sarus’ eyes went wide with horror, and he looked like he was in sheer agony. What was she doing to him? Sarus fell backwards onto the ground and began to foam at the mouth.

“Evelyn what did you do?” I asked in shock

“Your blood is poison to him, because I was changed in the way I was it doesn’t affect me” she said turning around slowly

I walked over to her and clutched her in my arms pressing her to my chest.

“I love you Evelyn” I cried my tears dripping onto her face

She winced in pain and fell to the ground her eyes flashing between black and green her wings fading to a dark grey, then silver then white then they disappeared entirely, she then fell unconscious and stopped moving.

“Evelyn!” I screamed and fell to my knees next to her

She looked perfect, she looked human again, and her skin was a healthy colour, her eyes a perfect green and no wings underneath her. I lifted her up and cradled her in my arms. She seemed to have had a reaction to my tears, they changed her. I heard some movement in the corner of the room and Sarus had stood up.

“Sarus? But, but how?” I stammered

“I’m stronger than you realise Leo” he growled

He seemed changed, he seemed even darker than he was before like the last bit of feeling inside him had simply drained away and all that was left was this dark, evil casing. He became consumed in a ball of red magic that began to get bigger and bigger, I shut my eyes from the brightness of it wincing away and when I re-opened them we were no longer in the cavern. We were on the top of a large volcano. There was an extremely wide rim stretching about a mile from the middle where there was a gigantic hole with lava bubbling in the bottom. Sarus landed next to me, I was still kneeling clutching Evelyn as Sarus leaned over. He smirked then raised his arms into the air and everywhere became dark, there were no stars or moon it was pure night. I felt Evelyn slip out of my arms and I was clutching at the air.

“Evelyn!” I screamed “Evelyn!”

Sarus appeared in a spot of red light he was holding Evelyn her eyes were open and alert and she was consumed by terror.

“Say goodbye Evelyn” Sarus smirked and he plunged a long metal spike straight through her stomach and dropped her to the floor

“No!” I screamed and ran to her

Sarus blasted me backwards and pushed two metal spikes through my wings pinning me to the ground. I screamed in agony and looked over at Evelyn; she was still alive and screaming in agony a pool of blood forming underneath her. Sarus kicked me in the head and I blacked out looking at Evelyn’s beautiful face.

The End

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