True Hell

Chapter 21 – Rubin

True Hell


I watched as Leo clutched his head in pain, I knew exactly what was happening, what Sarus was doing to Evelyn. It felt wrong it felt bad what Sarus was doing and it felt bad that I was stopping the one person who could end it. I saw Leo fall into the water, he didn’t come back up he just kept on sinking, I should let him die but I couldn’t I just couldn’t I knew the pain of losing the person you love and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone even my enemy, I knew what I was about to do would mean death but I had to do it. I dived into the water propelling jets behind me so my descent was fast and smooth. I stretched my arm out when I saw him desperately trying to clutch onto something anything, I grabbed the tip of his wing and despite being underwater it burnt my hand it made fire sear through my veins. I dragged him back up trying to ignore the fire burning in my body, I could survive under the water but Leo wouldn’t last much longer he was already unconscious. I could see the surface rippling above and we broke the surface, I made the water come up and lay flat so I could lay Leo on top of it like a stretcher.

“Please breathe Leo” I pushed his chest “Come on Leo, Evelyn needs you!”

I pushed some of my life force inside him willing him to wake up. He suddenly sat up coughing water and spluttering

“Rubin!” he yelled going for me

“Stop Leo! I just saved you and that’s how you repay me?” I shouted

“You did what?” he asked in disbelief

“I saved you Leo, I guess I finally realised just how evil the fallen are and I know what its like to lose the person you love. Now go save Evelyn Leo!” I shouted and evaporated the water off his wings so he could fly

“Thank you Rubin, for this I will make sure you will be allowed back into the Chamber of Ways I promise you” Leo touched her shoulder

“Thank you Leo” I smiled weakly knowing that soon I wouldn’t be here anymore to rejoin the Chamber.

I watched as he flew away and I followed slowly behind him I was headed to my death but I had to go I had to try and explain maybe Grumlin would take mercy on me.

Leo sped ahead of me I struggled to keep up with him, he was desperate to fine Evelyn it seeped from every pore in his body just how desperate he was, it was painful to feel.

“This way Leo!” I shouted after him and pointed in the direction of the cavern “Their down there!”

Leo sped as fast as he could into the cavern winding down the staircase with panic in his face.

“Evelyn!” he screamed

“She's here” said Sarus

“Get away from her!” Leo yelled at Sarus

Evelyn was laid on the ground behind Sarus motionless in a pool of blood. I was the first to notice what she was laid on, she was laid on a pair of ragged black wings, Sarus had already done it, and he’d turned Evelyn into one of us.

“Leo look at Evelyn!” I screamed

Leo’s eyes shot to Evelyn and he saw them to, the wings behind her back. Evelyn’s eyes fluttered open slowly they were pure black all over no whites of her eyes no pupils nothing just black eyes. She stood up slowly spreading her wings out behind her, her skin was a pure white colour and she had a smirk on her face.

“Hello Leo” she said softly

“No, Evelyn” Leo whispered

“You’re a little late Leo” said Sarus laughing

Leo rushed over to Evelyn but as he got close she blasted him backwards into me with a huge ball of dark matter. Leo knocked me to the floor and we landed in a heap.

“Rubin are you ok?” he asked me

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine” I mumbled as he helped me up

Evelyn began to glare at us her body gave off a black light and red pupils appeared in her pitch black eyes.

“Are you feeling a little jealous Evelyn?” Sarus asked her “Do you want to; oh I don’t know destroy them?”

“Yes” Evelyn growled

“No Evelyn this isn’t you come back to me Evelyn please!” Leo shouted and begged

Evelyn cocked her head to the side and looked at us both with a little smile on her face then suddenly she flew at me and knocked me back to the ground and pinned me there.

“You will die first” she growled

“Evelyn please I didn’t do anything! I saved Leo! Please!” I shouted

She just laughed and placed her hands around my neck sending bonds of dark magic to strap me to the ground.

“Evelyn please stop!” Leo shouted

“Why? Do you love Rubin instead?!” Evelyn screamed

“Evelyn, Rubin saved me, she wants to help us, please this isn’t you, stop” he said gently

“No chance” she snarled

She turned back to me and tightened her hands on my neck. I closed my eyes I knew this would come I knew I would die but I never thought that Evelyn would be the one to do it, I never thought that fragile human girl I saw before would become this monster.

“Evelyn please I beg of you, I don’t want to become a shimmer please don’t do this” I pleaded with her close to tears

“Go on Evelyn kill her” Sarus shouted laughing

“Sarus you don’t really want this please stop her!” I begged Sarus instead hoping he would stop “Please Sarus, I love you, please”

“I don’t love you Rubin not now not ever your just a little slut that wanted all the attention” he growled “Kill her Evelyn”

The End

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