Tick Tock



Chapter 20 – Leo

Tick Tock


I banged and banged on the side of the bubble but no matter what I did I couldn’t escape. I shot everything I had at it, fireball after fireball kick after kick but nothing happened. I sunk down to my knees and cried, I wasn’t going to make it, I couldn’t save her, I couldn’t save her…

I suddenly felt a shock of immense pain surge through my legs, it made me scream out and clutch my legs pushing my life force into them to make the pain stop. He was hurting her and I felt it, I feel everything he does to her. Suddenly my side throbbed and burned and felt like all my ribs had collapsed into my body.

“No, no he can’t be hurting her like this no!” I screamed and shot more fireballs around the bubble desperate to break free.

I suddenly felt my whole body burn and bubble, I stood up and looked down at myself, I was covered with fire and it was getting bigger and bigger becoming an inferno. The bubble began to blacken and melt slowly and I unleashed the inferno and the bubble disintegrated around me. I flew towards the portal but something pulled me back something was gripping onto my wings despite me still being on fire, no one should be able to touch me. I turned around and there was Rubin.

“Going somewhere Leo?” she asked as she swung me round and threw me towards the crashing waves below.

I swooped up in an arc and narrowly missed an icy dip. I hovered in front of her and she glared at me her red eyes burning into mine.

“Get out the way Rubin” I growled

“Oh Leo you remembered my name?” she chuckled

“How could I forget such an ugly thing like you?” I smirked

“Ouch harsh, now maybe I should hurt you just like you hurt me” she snarled

“Rubin that was two centuries ago you still haven’t gotten over it?” I laughed

“Your kind got me banished from heaven! You got me taken off the Zodiac angels!” she yelled

“You were never on them Rubin” I said

“Sarus told you about the brain washing I presume?” she said

“Oh Jesus how could I have forgotten” I put my head in my hands “So tell me Rubin which symbol were you?”

“Leo” she growled and flew at me her nails sharp headed for my face.

I dived out the way underneath her and hovered behind her.

“Don’t try it Rubin, you don’t want to fight me” I said my arms outstretched

She went for me again making the sea rise up and attack me, she had powers over water, I had forgotten. I flew and swooped in and out of the waves knowing that if I got wet 1. I wouldn’t be able to fly and 2. My powers would be useless.

My body was still ablaze and burning hot, I flew at her simply brushing against her and her dress caught fire billowing up into a huge fiery ball. She screamed and dived into the water with a huge jet of steam rising up from the waves. She treaded water coughing and spluttering knowing she couldn’t fly because of her wet wings. Suddenly the water rose up underneath her making a huge column of water on top of which stood Rubin.

“You haven’t won yet Leo!” she shouted

She sent huge jets of water firing towards me at immense speed I dived out the way narrowly missing a soaking. I fired huge infernos of fire towards her water column hoping to evaporate it all but it didn’t work. I kept dodging water balls and jets knowing I was running out of time and the longer I spent here the more Sarus was hurting Evelyn. Suddenly my jaw and head came enveloped in immense pain I couldn’t take it, I couldn’t talk or think and I began to fall towards the waves, the pain took over my whole body I couldn’t move my wings or my arms. I crashed into the waves and began to sink to the bottom the last thing I remember seeing was Rubin swimming down towards me and grabbing my wing just before everything went black.



The End

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