The Cavern

Chapter 19 – Sarus

The Cavern

I threw her down the stairs with such a force that I heard her head crack on the ground. A pool of blood began to form around her head and her lips became an icy blue.

“Damn,” I mumbled I lifted up her limp body and touched her head where it was cracked.

I pushed some of my life force into her to heal it; I didn’t want her dead just yet where would be the fun in a quick and painless kill? Her eyes suddenly shot open and I heard the breath rush back into her lungs. She began to fit in my arms so I held her tightly until it subsided. She began panicking; breathing quickly and heavily and clawing and kicking at me.

“Calm down Evelyn, the more you struggle the more pain I will cause,” I said with a chuckle

“Get off me you sick, sick bastard!” she screamed lashing out at me I grabbed her hands and in one swift movement I was on top of her pinning her legs with my knees and her hands with mine.

“Don’t even try it Evelyn,” I said aggressively I looked at her and saw the sheer terror in her eyes; it pleased me and brought a smile to my face. I pushed down on her legs with my knees and heard her gasp in pain, I kept pushing harder and harder until I heard what I was listening for the distinct snap and pop of her knees breaking away from her shins. She shrieked and convulsed in immense pain her eyes wide and her breath short and sharp.

“Now this is my idea of fun,” I said savagely I lifted her off the ground and brought her to face me, her legs were dangling underneath her dislocated and swinging like a dolls legs. She was crying now tears falling down her face rapidly and she kept on screaming in pain begging me to make it go away.

“Oh this is nothing Evelyn compared to what I’m going to do,” I said with a smirk.

“No…no…please…please…Sarus…I’ll do…anything” she said stuttering and gasping for air.

“Oh dear, dear Evelyn all I want from you is your pain, your blood and your tears,” I said and I threw her across the room and laughed as she slammed into the wall.She fell on the ground in a heap, her legs began to seep blood from where her bones had now punctured through her legs. She was in so much pain she couldn’t even muster the strength required to scream anymore she just laid her eyes wide her teeth and fists clenched in agony. I walked over to her and kicked her in the stomach so hard I heard three of her ribs snap clean in half. Now she screamed, she screamed louder than I had ever heard anyone scream before it was more pain than I thought was possible for someone to feel it felt and sounded so, so good.

I was amazed at how she had managed to stay conscious this whole time surely that amount of agony was more than someone’s body could withstand? I lifted her up off the ground by her hair her side was now dripping blood as like her legs her bones had punctured her skin, sticking out sharp and jagged oozing blood. It was all over my hands all that ruby red delicious blood. I licked my finger, it tasted so sweet so dark.

“You sick, sick son of a,” Evelyn didn’t get to finish her sentence as I grabbed her cheeks and pushed them together.

“What was that Evelyn?” I asked squeezing “Nothing? I didn’t think so” I squeezed her mouth until blood dripped out of her mouth from where her teeth cut her cheeks and tongue, and then I heard the snap of her jaw breaking.

Now she fell unconscious, limp and bleeding, I dropped her to the ground and kicked her in the head, she was a mass of blood now limp and lifeless on the ground, I smiled.

“Now its time to finish this” I growled I grabbed a large stone book from the shelves on the wall, inside it had the spells and curses to turn someone into one of us, a fallen angel. If I simply killed her she would become like Leo a light angel, a goody two shoes angel, I wanted to make her dark and evil, I wanted her to attack Leo and break his heart before I destroyed her entirely.

“Now let’s see which chant should I use?” I flipped through the pages “Maybe the one to make her pure evil? Or perhaps the one to make her sad and depressed like a banshee? Or the one to make her so, so jealous that if anyone even touches Leo she will go berserk!” I chuckled to myself. “I think I will go with the jealousy spell with a hint of pure evil, that way I can kill two birds or in this case angels with one stone” I smirked and began the chant

The End

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