Chapter 18 – Leo Betrayal I flew and flew constantly calling her name hoping she would answer. I flew past her house at least five times and kept circling the towns and villages nearby, I knew deep down that this could be what I had always feared that Sarus had taken her. If he had her then I had no time to lose I may already be too late and if I am I would never forgive myself. I set off on a straight course to the south headed straight for the Eclipse Realm and that place that awful cave that made me want to scream just thinking about it. I’ve seen many both good and bad go into that cave and either join the shimmers or come out hysterical and crazy. I raced across fields and cities endlessly until I came to the dead sea, now this isn’t the ordinary dead sea this is a single patch of it above which a portal lay to enter the Eclipse Realm and their was that place, that cave about a mile or so away from the portal yet you could feel the cold and the pain and hear the screams. I began to look for the tiny glint of black light that was the portal but it was nowhere to be seen I couldn’t find it! I’d had no problems before locating it when Zodiac requested meetings with Grumlin so where was it now! I raced round in a blind panic almost begging the portal to appear all this time I was wasting Evelyn could be in such agonising pain being tortured as I flew or worse she could be dead. I winced at that thought, I didn’t want to think she could be dead it would kill me. “God where is this damn portal!” I screamed “Hidden” came a very feminine voice I turned round looking for whoever just spoke. Virgo was hovering behind me her pink dress dipping into the water and her golden hair whipping around her face. “Virgo?” I asked, “What are you doing here?” “Stopping you” she said softly The moment she spoke she flew at me and sent me tumbling into the water. I coughed and spluttered trying to stay afloat but my wings kept pulling me down like heavy metal weights trying to pull me to my death. “I’m sorry Leo but I had no choice” said Virgo with almost a smirk on her face She started to create a ball of magic in her hands and she encased me with it trapping me in a pink bubble now bobbing on the surface of the deadly sea. “At least this is the small mercy I can grant you but you’ll never reach her in time” she chuckled and flew away. “No” I whispered
The End

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