The Eclipse Realm

Chapter 17 – Sarus

The Eclipse Realm


Evelyn was just hanging limp like a dead weight in my arms as we flew over the sea. It was so tempting to finish the job now, just to drop her unconscious body into the black water and watch her sink, but it was too risky. I wanted to watch her die. I wanted her to wake up I wanted to see the fear in her eyes, I let go of her and held her by her hand and dipped her into the water so just her nose upwards was surfaced. She started coughing and spluttering and thrashing around in the water my grip slipped on her and she plunged into the icy depths.

“Oh no” I said

I certainly wasn’t going in after her, I wouldn’t be able to fly if my wings were wet so then we would both be stuck. I mumbled enchantments under my breath calling sea creatures to bring her out of the water, let them do my dirty work instead. For my own personal amusement I called a great white shark to bring her out, the screams were like music to my ears. Her leg dripped blood into the water as I pulled her up, the blood smelt so sweet. She was once again unconscious from the sheer terror she had just endured. This was taking more effort than it was worth. I started to speed up to try and stop myself from giving into the blood lust. I wanted to savour this I didn’t want to kill her in one easy quick kill. As much as I tried not to I noticed that I kept looking at her, kept feeling some remorse and sorrow for what I was about to do, it confused me and I hated it.


I kept on flying trying not to look at her perfect face, she looked so peaceful, just like and angel, just like him…

My grips tightened on her when I saw his face when I knew she was his not mine. I hated her, I hated this little witch, and I hate her! I flew as fast as I could and I began to see the entrance looming, the entrance to my domain, The Eclipse Realm. Only I could see the portal a tiny black glint next to the side of a dark cave filled with the shimmers of fallen angels, no one dares to enter there not even me, as I got closer I could hear the moans and the raspy breath of all the dead angels in there it sent a jolt of ice cold down my spine and I had to close my eyes, that place scared me.


I started to fly faster just to get away from the cave, from the noises and the faces, at the last moment I made a sharp turn to the right and went through the portal back to home sweet home. The Eclipse Realm is full of all the fallen angels all the rejected souls that weren’t allowed in or were kicked out of The Realm of Worlds. We entered into a grand black hall with black marble floors and red curtains covering all the large windows. At the end of the hall there was a large black and red throne with some small steps leading up to it, there sat Grumlin the head fallen angel and next to him stood Rubin his right hand woman. Grumlin wore a large red cloak and a black suit, he has a very handsome face with blood red eyes and black hair gelled back. Rubin was tall and slender with a tatty ripped black dress on with black net gloves and tights, she had flowing red hair down to her waist and she to had piercing red eyes surrounded by long black lashes. 

“Welcome home Sarus” Rubin said

“It’s a pleasure to be back Rubin” I replied “Greetings Grumlin your Excellency” I bowed down onto one knee still holding Evelyn in my arms.

“What’s this?” Grumlin growled gesturing to Evelyn

“This is the chosen one master, the one that shall carry, that, child” I said angrily

“This is her? This pathetic little human!” he boomed

Rubin began to walk towards me glaring at Evelyn her eyes became small slits and her face became more and more angry.

“This is her alright Grumlin” she whispered menacingly

She knelt down and plucked one of Evelyn’s hairs from her head; she smelt it and then levitated it over to Grumlin. Grumlin plucked the hair from the air and he to smelt it, his face began to change and convulse until he looked deadly and furious, the hair burnt and turned to ash in his hand.

“Kill her Sarus! Kill her now!” he shouted

“I had a better idea your highness” I said

“What could be better than killing her Sarus?” Grumlin questioned

“Turning her into an angel and then making her a shimmer” I smirked “That would dispose of her and also it would kill Leo would it not?”

Grumlin started to chuckle louder and louder and Rubin joined in with her usual high pitched cackle.

“Take her away Sarus do what you must, maybe save the final kill for when Leo comes to rescue her” Grumlin said happily

“As you wish Grumlin sir” I bowed and began to leave when Rubin interrupted me

“Sarus!” she shouted after me

“Yes Rubin?” I asked still with my back to her

“I missed you” she said

I sighed and walked away ignoring her, I may have loved Rubin once but not anymore now that she's Grumlin’s toy and whoever else seems to want her. I left through a red curtain at the back and went down the spiralling stone steps to the Cavern where the fun would begin.

The End

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