A Needle in a Haystack

Chapter 16 – Leo A Needle in a Haystack

“Evelyn!” I screamed as I tumbled in through her window.

She wasn’t in her bedroom so I started to look through the whole house in a blind panic. The living room was a mess, the coffee table was turned over as was the sofa, the TV screen was smashed in and hanging above the TV was her dad.

“Oh my God” I whispered I backed away from his body stumbling in sheer terror; I couldn’t believe this was happening, how could Sarus have beaten me here? I didn’t know what to do.

“Think Leo, think, where would he have taken her?” I thought “Oh no” it suddenly dawned on me “He’s taken her to the chamber”

I wanted to head out straight away to find her but I couldn’t just leave her dad hanging there. I walked over and checked his body it was only a few hours old.

“Perfect” I thought I walked over to the body and pressed one hand on her dad’s chest and one on his head, I channelled some of my life force into him, I felt myself begin to weaken but I knew I had to do this for Evelyn. I let a final jolt of power into him and his body fell from the ceiling and his chest slowly began to rise and fall. I smiled and flew out the window I couldn’t let her dad see me and I had to find Evelyn now at all costs.

The End

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