Don't Look Up

Chapter 15 – Evelyn

Don’t Look Up


I managed to gather the strength to sit up and look around. I didn’t want to risk being attacked yet again, it makes me feel so vulnerable and weak that I can’t look after myself and someone always has to save me. I dragged my feet as I sloped into the bathroom; I needed to get rid of all this ash before Dad got back. I set the bath running and went and put my dirty clothes in the washing machine, I grabbed a towel as I went as knowing my luck if I walked around naked someone would come in. I noticed the TV was still on even though I hadn’t been out of my room yet and Dad was away last night with work, the TV was off yesterday. I went over and turned it off gingerly, there was something written in the dust on top of the TV it said ‘Don’t Look Up’, as soon as someone or something tells you not to do something you automatically want to do it which is why at that point I looked up to see my dad hanging from the ceiling, blue and dead.

I let out a scream. I couldn’t believe it I had to keep pinching and hitting myself this had to be a nightmare this couldn’t be real. I backed away in fear and fell over the coffee table and landed in a heap on the floor.

“No, no, no, he can’t be dead, no,” I thought over and over again.

I looked down at the coffee table where it said ‘I told you not to look up’ scratched deep into the wood.

“Where are you!” I screamed

There was no response. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a large knife from the drawer; I then began to search the whole house for whoever had done this. I was wild with anger and fear I knew the sheer grief would set in later but right now my adrenalin was pumping and I had to find the bastard that killed my dad.

“I’m right behind you Evelyn” said a raspy voice I knew all to well.

I turned round and stabbed the knife straight into what I thought would be Sarus’ chest but instead it went straight through the empty air. I kept sweeping the knife around in circles hoping to stab him if he came close. I didn’t even know if you could stab an angel but I was willing to try anything.

“Really Evelyn if you’re going to kill me you will have to try harder than that” Sarus chuckled.

“Get out of my house!” I screamed running at him, knife at the ready

As I got close to him about to plunge the knife into his chest he grabbed my wrist centimetres away from him and kissed me. Sarus just stared at me as his eyes slowly started to darken and his expression became one of evil, he squeezed my wrist until it snapped, I screamed at the top of my lungs in pure agony until Sarus put his hand over my mouth and nose and squeezed until I collapsed unconscious.

The End

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