The Truth

Chapter 14 - Leo

The Truth


I took off and went straight into a downward spiral to the ground. I hated leaving her; she seems so helpless on her own. I was too busy thinking about Evelyn to notice I had reached the ground, I tumbled head first into a pile of hay then landed in a heap on the floor.

“Nice landing” said a raspy dark voice

I stood up immediately, my wings spread in a defensive position.

“Who is there?” I demanded

“Oh Leo you don’t know me? Evelyn knows me almost too well” the voice chuckled

“Sarus” I said menacingly

Sarus appeared from behind a huge bale of hay, the sky suddenly darkened as dark as if there was an eclipse. He walked over to me slowly his wings curled behind him, his eyes were a menacing red colour his pupils almost invisible.

“Did Evelyn have sweet dreams?” he said with a smirk on his face

“You evil son of a!” I screamed

I went for him my hands outstretched ready to strangle the life out of him. I grabbed his neck and knocked him to the ground and slammed his head into the floor over and over again. He lay underneath me not struggling just chuckling and laughing. I started to slam his head harder and harder and I punched him in the face and nose over and over, still nothing happened no blood was drawn or bruises and he was still laughing.

“Give it up Leo” he said

“Leave Evelyn alone or you will have me and the whole of the Zodiac angels to answer to” I whispered violently

“Tell me Leo who replaced me?” he chuckled

“What are you talking about? The Zodiac angels were chosen from birth and no one replaces them unless they perish then no one takes their place until another is born who is destined to do so, no one has been born recently all the Zodiac angels have been the same for hundreds of years” I said

“Leo how naïve you are” he laughed

“What are you talking about” I inquired

“I was Cancer, which was my name before I was banished” he said

“No, Cancer has been with us for years, he’s never changed” I replied

“I was Cancer, I was a Zodiac angel, I was banished for turning my father into a shimmer. I hated my dad, he was a miserable excuse of a man and he didn’t deserve the luxury of death so I killed him. That night I was banished to the Eclipse Realm and all your memories were wiped and a new angel was put in the place of me, in the place of Cancer. They forced me to change my name and I was to serve eternity down here” he said smirking “Your little angels aren’t as perfect as everyone thinks”

I let go of his neck slowly and stood up, I didn’t want to believe a word he said yet it seemed to make sense to me.

“Oh and by the way you may wanna go and see Evelyn, its amazing how helpless sleep makes you” he chuckled and flew off into the air and disappeared out of sight.

"No!" I exclaimed

I flew as fast as my wings could go straight to Evelyn’s house. I wouldn’t let him hurt her not again, not ever again.

The End

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