The Chamber of Ways

Chapter 14 - Leo

The Chamber of Ways


I hated leaving Evelyn she's in so much danger and she doesn’t even realise. I stopped at the end of her street and opened my wings and shot back home. Straight up through the thick layers of rain clouds, I swooped and dived a bit enjoying the freedom to fly under the safety of the dark clouds.

“Watch out!” screamed a female voice

She came hurtling at me with a great force and we both started spiralling and tumbling down through the clouds. I spread my wings out to slow myself down and I saw her out of the corner of my eye do the same. I did a somersault in mid air and started to ascend upwards once more, I had a quick glance round for the angel that flew into me but I couldn’t see her. I looked down and there she was tumbling towards the ground. With a sigh I flew down after her and grabbed her wing just before she broke through the cloud cover.

“What are you playing at?!” I demanded

“I’m so sorry I’m so clumsy” she mumbled

I gave her a huge push through the clouds and she did a loop through the air and flew back to me. I recognised her now, it was Pisces, Pisces and her brother Aquarius are the angels of water.

“Leo its you!” she flew at me again and hugged me nearly knocking me back down to the ground “Thank god I found you!”

“Why what’s wrong?” I asked

“It’s Evelyn”

My heart sped up when I heard her name; I felt a wave of panic come over me.

“What Pisces?” I asked hurriedly “What’s happened?!”

“She was trapped in a dream, Sarus locked her inside it, she was being slowly burnt to death, I’m sorry I know you don’t want us anywhere near Evelyn but I didn’t know what else to do, I went into her dream and pulled her out of it”

I didn’t listen to the rest of what she had to say I turned straight back round and flew to Evelyn’s house as fast as I could. I felt this was all my fault she could have died and I wasn’t there if Pisces hadn’t been flying past and sensed the dark magic in there I could have lost her and my unborn child. I raced to Evelyn’s house and tumbled through the window.

“Evelyn! Evelyn! Are you ok?!” I screamed in panic

“I-I’m f-fine” she stuttered

She was laid on her bed shaking, all the blood had drained from her face and her eyes were wild with panic and terror.

“I’m sorry Evelyn I’m so, so sorry” I said “Did the locket not work?”

“I-I don’t k-know, Sarus r-ripped it o-off” she mumbled

I grabbed her up into my arms and held her tightly I didn’t ever want to let her go again, I wish I could take her back to my home where she would be safe and protected, but she can’t go there, not yet.

“I love you so much Evelyn” I whispered into her ear

“I l-love you t-to” she stuttered back

“Maybe we should get you to a hospital and get you checked out” I said

“No, no I’m f-fine please d-don’t take me to h-hospital” she pleaded

I looked into her eyes, she was ok just shaken up, I felt something wet slide down my cheek.

“D-don’t cry” I heard Evelyn mumble

“Cry?” I asked confused

Angels don’t cry we do feel emotion but we never feel deep enough sorrow to cry; then again no angel has fallen for a mortal before. I started to smile, feeling the tears down my cheeks made me feel alive again, mortal again, it made me feel alive. I started to chuckle to myself.

“What are you laughing at?” Evelyn said quietly

“The tears, their so strange” I smiled at her then and she smiled back.

She shuffled over in her bed and tapped the empty space beside her; I lay down slowly next to her and wrapped my arms and wings around us.

 “I’m so tired” Evelyn whispered

“You should sleep then” I said as I stroked her hair

“I daren’t in case I get trapped again” she said shakily

“I’m going to arrange for some guard angels to watch your house” I said

“Ok” she said as she drifted off to sleep “I love you”

“I love you to” I kissed her softly on the lips and flew back out the window


I headed back home to gather some reinforcements. I live in the Realm of Worlds; it’s the dimension where every soul from every world comes to rest. The Zodiac angels live in the Chamber of Ways and control different elements or aspects of life. I am Leo therefore I control fire and animals. The Chamber of Ways is a grand room in which every book of every soul’s life is kept. Each book writes itself and when you die your book is finished, all the Zodiac angels meet there to discuss problems and issues that arise. We also decide whether an angel is punished to fall back to earth and join the Eclipse Realm or they get to stay in this realm. This is why there is a battle between the Eclipse Realm and ours, the Eclipse Realm is where all the fallen angels reside, if an angel commits a serious offence such as killing another angel then they are banished. Although angels are immortal we can be killed with emotion. If someone kills our soul mate or harms our soul mate we become weak and when we are weak we can be killed as our immortality fades. There is no after, after life so if we die again we become a shimmer, we float around and make no sound and we are invisible for eternity.


I swooped down into the chamber where everyone was already gathered, I was late as usual for one of our “fun” little meetings.

“You’re late” boomed the voice of Zodiac himself

Zodiac is the head honcho, he rules over everybody the Zodiac angels are his angels to command.

“Yeah well I had more pressing matters which I need to bring up urgently” I said forcefully

“Leo sit down” Zodiac commanded

I stomped over to my seat next to Virgo and one of the Gemini twins and pulled my seat out making it squeak as loud as possible along the floor.

“Right then, Aries what seems to be the problem with the crops?” Zodiac questioned

“Well, Earth is having a very dry time at the minuet so I was wondering if Pisces and Aquarius could w-“Aries cut off

“STOP!” I screamed interrupting Aries

“What is it now Leo?!” Zodiac yelled

“Look, the love of my life Evelyn, the one who will one day carry the chosen one in her womb is in grave danger. The fallen angel Sarus has been after her in many instances and earlier today he attacked her by trapping her in a dream and trying to burn her to death. I was hoping some of you could guard her house to make sure no harm comes to her. I mean I will be there as much as I can but when I can’t be there I would feel at ease knowing she was safe” I said addressing them

“Any offers to protect Evelyn?” Zodiac asked

“I will” said Taurus

Taurus is a strong angel; he has two huge bull horns on his head and loads of muscle. The only problem is he has no brain, all muscle and no smarts.

“Count me in” said Aries

Aries is a wise old angel with a little white beard on his chin and ram horns on his head, he can see the future and what will happen also he can figure things out in a click of your fingers.

“I’ll help” came the soft feminine voice of Virgo

Normally Virgo is self centred and vain and cares only about herself; she's the angel of beauty after all. I was surprised she would volunteer.

“Virgo?” I said confused

“I know you may find it hard to believe Leo but I don’t just care about myself” she said with a chuckle.

“Then its decided, Taurus, Aries and Virgo you shall watch over Evelyn when Leo cannot” boomed the voice of Zodiac.

I stood up and thanked them all before practically running out of there. Nothing they had to say could be more important than me getting back to Evelyn and looking after her. I love her.

The End

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