The Reality of Dreams

Chapter 12 - Evelyn

The Reality of Dreams


6 Months later…


Sarus stayed away, he didn’t dare to come anywhere near me. I knew he was nearby though I could feel him somehow like we had a connection, it felt different to the one I had with Leo though, and the connection with Sarus scares me. Everyday seemed to be covered in rays of sunshine I couldn’t see the dark anymore. Dad had got a good job again working at a magazine as a photographer he said he loves it, he won’t tell me what he takes photos of for some reason, its some magazine called ‘Nuts’ whatever that is. We managed to move off this council estate, we have a little house in Yorkshire. It’s in the countryside and it’s beautiful. Leo followed of course he bought a house just in the next village so Dad couldn’t moan and rant saying he’s stalking me etc.


I was laid in bed and I kept drifting in and out of sleep. Every time I nodded off I saw and orange glow little flickers of light and heat such immense heat. I kept waking with a start every what felt like five minuets but was actually an hour. I managed to fall asleep eventually but it felt like as soon as I fell asleep I had to get back up again. It happened for the next five nights the same little dreams the same glow and heat. I never fully fell asleep just moments little nuggets of sleep every now and then, I didn’t know what was happening where these dreams were coming from.

It was the thirteenth night of these dreams and I fell into a deep, deep sleep. That was when the dream came back. I was laid in my room and there was a fire just outside my door a huge inferno burning the door to a crisp and the flames were coming into my room. I couldn’t move it was like I was solidified or in a coma. The fire kept on spreading closer and closer the flames started catching on my bed and licking around my feet. There was someone emerging through the flames, it was Sarus.  He walked closer and closer to me the flames not affecting him in the slightest. He stood next to my bed and bent down to my ear.

“This is one dream you’re not going to wake up from Evelyn” he whispered menacingly

He bent down and kissed my forehead leaving teeth marks behind and little trails of blood down my face. He then looked at my locket and smirked before pulling it off my neck and tramping it under his foot.  I watched him walk out of the room, I started to desperately struggle trying to move but no matter what I did my whole body was a un-shift able dead weight. The fire was getting closer and hotter I knew any moment I would be painfully and slowly burnt to a crisp. I just stared at roof and thought of Leo, about how much he would miss me and how much I would miss him. I made one last desperate struggle to move but I once again failed. I felt tears dripping down my face I was so scared for Leo and for me. I heard a movement at the door I hoped it was Sarus come back for me to stop this, or Leo coming to save me from this dream, this nightmare. It was neither of them; instead there was a tall woman. She had long flowing blue hair like a pure ocean and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. Her skin had that glow that very familiar glow. She walked over to me and as she walked it was like her feet didn’t even touch the ground she just glided over without making a noise. She swept her hand above me and mumbled something under her breath, she then smiled and waved her fingers at me, that’s when I woke up, shaking and covered in ashes, but alive. I sat up and frantically looked around the room thinking that she would still be here, I had so many questions, yet she was gone, without a trace there was just a single baby blue feather on the floor.

The End

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