Return of the Fallen

Chapter 11 - Evelyn

Return of the Fallen


I jumped out of bed with a huge grin on my face everything was so perfect. I went and grabbed some cereal and juice and went back into my room to find Leo sitting on the bed, I almost jumped out of my skin.

“Leo! You frightened me!” I shouted

“I’m sorry Evelyn” he looked sad

“Hey, hey I was kidding its ok” I chuckled and kissed him softly

“I love you” he said softly

That took me by surprise, he just said it out of the blue and so softly and full of meaning. I felt my eyes start to water.

“I love you too” I sniffed

“Baby, don’t cry you’ll set me off” he sniffed and came closer to me putting his hand on my bum as he kissed me.

There was a sudden bang of the front door and I heard footsteps heading towards my room.

“Quick Leo get out that’s dad” I said in a panicked whisper.

“Ok, I’ll be back later ok I love you” he kissed me quickly and leapt out the window.


There was a knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in” I said

The door squeaked open behind me but no one spoke.

“How was work dad?” I asked

“I’m not your father” growled a voice

I spun round and screamed, there stood in my doorway, his eyes blazing red, his skin a pale white and his huge black wings spanned out behind him, Sarus.

“What do you want!” I shouted

“Come, come Evelyn be civil” he said calmly “I just want to talk”

“Go on then talk” I stuttered

“You’re pregnant aren’t you?” he asked

“What the hell?! No!” I yelled

He walked over to me and pushed me onto my bed and sat next to me. He reached over and placed his hand on my stomach, his eyes shut quickly and his head jerked to the side

“No” he whispered “No!”

He pushed me off the bed and sat on me and pinned my arms to the floor.

“Get off me!” I screamed and kicked under him

“No! No! No!” he screamed

His eyes were blazing red and his wings were encased over me they were like slabs of steel trapping me underneath him. There was a crash at my window and Sarus was thrown off me and slammed against the wall.

“Get off her! Never lay a finger on her again!” a male voice screamed and growled

I stood up slowly and looked at what was happening. Leo had pinned Sarus to the wall by his throat and they both had their wings spread out behind them. Leo was glowing a bright white light encircling him and causing Sarus to scream out in pain.

I suddenly felt a sharp agonising pain through my stomach it was excruciating. I looked over at Sarus and Leo, Sarus was aiming a black beam of light at my stomach. It kept getting worse and worse until I couldn’t take it anymore and I collapsed onto the floor clutching my stomach and gasping in pain.

“Evelyn!” Leo screamed

“Haha I’m going to kill your little unborn spawn Leo” Sarus shouted maliciously

Leo screamed and threw Sarus out if the window before sealing the window with a beam of white light.

“Evelyn, Evelyn oh my God what has he done to you” Leo said with tears in his eyes

He pressed his hands on my stomach they felt so warm, a white glow seemed to emit from his palms and into my stomach, the pain started to soothe and die down. I sighed and closed my eyes and fell back into a deep sleep.


When I woke up I was laid in my bed with Leo laid next to me asleep with a tear stained face. I tried to lean over to kiss him but I couldn’t move it was agony. I grunted in pain and laid back. Leo started to stir next to me, he woke up slowly and smiled, and then he kissed my stomach gently.

“How are you?” he asked

“I’ve been” I screamed a little because I’d moved slightly “Better”

“Evelyn I’m so, so sorry I’m never leaving your side again until I know you and our baby are safe” Leo said softly “Here take this” he placed a locket round my neck “It has some of my soul inside it, it will protect you when I cannot”

I smiled at him and held the locket close; it was warm under my hand, it made my hand glow a golden colour.

“I always knew you were my soul mate Evelyn” Leo said with a smile

The End

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