Chapter 10 - Evelyn



I ran into my room and slammed the door behind me. I didn’t know what to do or where to go but I wanted to get away from here far, far away. I pulled my rucksack out of my dresser and started to throw clothes and my few possessions into it. My doll of mum all my picture albums; I came to the photo of me and him last. I fell onto my bed and held it against my chest. I started to cry and once I started I couldn’t stop, I was letting all my fear and anguish and pain out in one go. Why couldn’t my life be simple? Why did things always go wrong? I always lose the people I love the people that mean the most to me. I checked my watch, it was 6:30pm, and Dad would be home at seven I had to hurry. I scribbled him a note:


Dear Dad

I’m sorry but some things have happened and I have to get away. Don’t worry about me I’m perfectly ok I just need to clear my head. I really am sorry I had to do this to you, I know how hard this will be for you but I’ll stay in touch.


Love from


XXI grabbed my rucksack and ran out the front door. I just kept running I had no idea where I was going I didn’t really care. I had tears streaming down my face and my heart was burning in my chest, I slowed down to a stop, I was so, so tired. I looked around to see where I was. I was surrounded by fields there were no roads or any direction as to where I should go. It was getting dark so I just sunk into a pile of hay. My phone had no signal which was a good thing as dad couldn’t ring me and make me change my mind and go home, I knew I would crack if he rang me I wouldn’t be able to stay away and do that to him but I had to I couldn’t go back.

I lay looking up at the stars, I didn’t realise but I was searching for a certain constellation, the lion, Leo.

I fell asleep staring at that one constellation, the one that both scared me and entranced me the most. I dreamt about him again that night. He was flying in the sky above me his wings spread wide catching the moonlight. He swooped down and landed next to me making no sound. He was whispering my name over and over and shaking me gently he kept apologising and begging me to wake up. Then he laid next to me and wrapped his arms round me he was holding me so tight his lips nestled into my neck.  

I woke up with a start, a cockerel was crowing somewhere. The sun was just coming up the sky was a beautiful pink haze and the very tip of the sun was appearing on the horizon. I laid and stared at it watching it rise and light up the field bit by bit. I suddenly became aware of something wrapped round me and holding my hand. I screamed and threw whatever or whoever it was off.

“Get away from me!” I screamed

“Evelyn. Evelyn, shh, shh” he grabbed me and pulled me into him.

“L-Leo?” I asked

“Yes baby yes it’s me” he said softly “Don’t leave me Evelyn don’t leave me” 

“B-but your, you’re an, an” I stuttered

“I’m an angel Evelyn” he mumbled

“No, no angels don’t exist none of this is real I’m still dreaming this is just a dream!” I screamed and pushed him away before running down the field as fast as my legs would carry me.

I had no shoes on I’d left them behind and all the hay on the floor scratched and bit at my feet as I ran but I ignored the pain I just wanted to get away from him away from the heartache.

“Evelyn stop” he was stood in front of me preventing me from running any further.

“No, get away from me leave me alone!” I screamed

“Please Evelyn” he begged “I love you”

“No you don’t love me Leo, your not even real!” I shouted

“I’m real Evelyn, I’m stood here in front of you and I love you and now I’m going to kiss you and you will feel my lips on yours and that will be so real” he said gently.

He lowered his head down to me and kissed me so softly and tenderly. His hands slid round to my lower back and he pulled me in closer to him deepening his kiss as he did.

“You see Evelyn? You feel how real that was” he whispered

He stared into my eyes and I noticed he had tear streaks down his face and his eyes were red and puffy.

“You’ve been crying” I said as I gently rubbed his cheek

“Yes Evelyn, I thought I’d lost you I was looking all night for you” he said

“Leo I know you can fly I saw you flying in a dream, except it wasn’t a dream because you’re here with me” I said

“Yes I’m here and I love you so much Evelyn, just because I’m not human doesn’t mean I love you any less” he said passionately

“I love you to” I replied

He pulled me into him so our bodies were firmly pressed together and he kissed me once again his soft warm lips moving on mine I never wanted it to end. I felt something warm and soft moving on my back. I stopped kissing Leo and turned round. His wings has encased us both together, they were beautiful. They were a perfect white colour that glinted gold when the sun hit them.

“There beautiful Leo” I whispered in awe

“Thank you” he chuckled “But they look even more beautiful with a gorgeous girl like you in them”

I blushed dramatically to the point when my face burned.

“You’re so cute when you blush” Leo smirked

He brushed his hand against my cheek and smiled at me, he had the most beautiful smile like it almost glowed.

“Let me take you home Evelyn, do you know just how far away you are?” he asked

“N-no why?” I mumbled

“Evelyn your about 30miles from home” he said “I’ve never seen anyone run so fast in my life” he laughed

“Wow I guess I should have taken P.E” I giggled

“Now let’s get you home” Leo said gently

He swept me up into his arms and gazed into my eyes, he then picked up my bag before shooting up into the air. It felt so different to when I flew with Sarus. It was smooth and felt like we were gliding slowly on air even though everything was passing by so quickly. Leo was looking into my eyes for the whole flight and I was looking back into his. It was bliss all of a sudden everything I had thought before seemed foolish and stupid this was still the man I was in love with he hadn’t changed.

We landed in front of my apartment block in no time at all.

“Well here is your stop madam” he chuckled

“Leo” I said

“Yes?” he replied

“I have something to tell you” I said quietly

 “What is it” he looked at me concerned

“I love you” I whispered

He just smiled at me and didn’t say anything he just kept staring and then he kissed my lips gently before disappearing without a word yet I knew he was happy and I knew deep down so was I.

The End

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