Chapter 8 - Evelyn



When I woke up I was laid in my room. It was still dark outside. I jumped out of bed and looked round, I hoped he was still here even though I knew he wouldn’t be. There was a note on my bedside table. It wasn’t Leo’s normal loopy handwriting this was different.


Dear Evelyn

I apologise for my terrible actions towards you. I will be watching over you always. If anything happened to you I don’t think I could forgive myself. I’m in love with you and even though I can’t be with you this is my small way of at least being near you.


Yours faithfully and always watching



It must be him, the angel that attacked me. I didn’t understand how I could have this effect over someone like him.

I went into the bathroom and straightened myself up I looked completely pale and my eyes were dark. There was an icy blue love bite on my neck and my lips were blue to match it. I looked down and I realised that my hands were shaking I didn’t realise just how terrified I was until now, I’m still scared in case he changes his mind and comes after me again and this time he might not let me escape.


I splashed my face with water hoping to bring some colour back to my face u didn’t want dad worrying about me when he already has bigger problems. He just sits all day looking so forlorn and sad sifting through the newspapers looking for a job. He seems so lifeless like the last little bit of happiness he had after mum died had been sucked out of him.

I walked downstairs and started to make the coffee. I realised I was shaking and spilling it everywhere and I knew I was burning myself but I couldn’t feel it I just saw the blisters but no pain followed.

I went and sat down thinking it would be safer if I just sat and didn’t do anything that I could hurt myself with. There was suddenly a loud knock at the door that made me knock my coffee over and all onto the carpet.

I was scared, what if it was him? What if it was Sarus? I crept over to the door slowly and looked through the hole. It was Leo. I jerked open the door and ran at him and cried into his arms.

“Evelyn, what’s wrong?” he held me at arms length and looked at me

“S-Sarus, cage, darkness” I mumbled

I suddenly remembered, Leo had left me, left me all alone. I felt a rush of anger shoot through me. I started hitting him in his chest and screaming at him.

“You left me Leo! You left me all alone! Where were you huh?! Where were you!”

“Hey, hey, sshh” he grabbed me and held me into his chest and stroked my hair.

“W-where were you” I cried into him

“I’m sorry Evelyn, I’m so, so sorry. I had no choice” he whispered

“Why did you leave me” I mumbled

“I didn’t want to but I had to, I’ll tell you one day Evelyn but now is not the right time.” He said

I looked up into his eyes begging him to tell me but he shook his head in refusal.

I sighed, I felt exhausted I was so emotionally drained. I collapsed in his arms but he held me tight and steadied me.

“Let me help you Evelyn” he said softly

He carried me over to the sofa and laid me down gently. He then kissed the top of my head before sitting down and resting my head in his lap.

“I’m sorry Evelyn, I’m never going to leave you again” he whispered while stroking my hair.

“Its ok Leo” I said softly

He smiled at me but his eyes didn’t smile to. They were full of pain, like he was about to cry. I leaned up and kissed him softly on his lips. They were hot I didn’t remember them being this hot; it was like his lips burned into mine. I pulled back and looked at him.

“I’m sorry” he whispered

I put my index finger on his lips and smiled.

“Don’t be” I said quietly

I started to kiss him again, deeper and deeper. He held me closer sliding his hands under my dress. His skin and lips were burning hot. I kept pressing closer to him wanting more of his heat more of this beautiful, beautiful person. I felt him sliding off my dress and trying to unclip the back of my bra. Something kept ringing in the back of my mind, Sarus, Sarus, Sarus. What if he really did love me? Am I doing the right thing, is this right? I knew that I didn’t want Leo to stop this felt like magic. I pulled off his shirt and felt his stomach, every little ridge of his muscles and his burning hot skin. He laid me back gently and that’s when the real magic began.

The End

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