The Fallen Angel


Chapter 7 - Evelyn

The Fallen Angel


I dreamt that I was laid in my bed in my room and there was a bright white light shining on me. Leo stepped out of the light and held out his hand to me. I took it gingerly and I seemed to disappear…


I woke up with a start. My eyes were blurry as I tried to focus on my surroundings. I was freezing there were icy winds whipping round me freezing me to the very core. When my vision finally focused I had a look at my surroundings. I was laid on a dusty concrete floor and I was trapped in a cage.

I got up and walked over to the bars. There was no door, how had I got in here? I started to panic I didn’t know where I was, why I was here and who exactly put me here.

“Help me please someone help me!” I shouted

All I heard was my voice echoing back at me. All I could see beyond the cage was darkness there was no light anywhere. I collapsed to the ground and broke into tears. I was all alone and trapped. I was more scared than I’ve ever been in my life and I wanted to go home, just to go home.

“Ah you’re awake” said a voice

“Huh? Whose there?!” I shouted

“Oh you don’t remember oh that hurts Evelyn wounds me to the core” it chuckled

I saw a figure emerging from the darkness. He was tall and slender with jet black hair, his eyes glowed red and he was dressed in a long black robe. As he got closer to me he spread two huge black wings out behind him, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing I thought I was imagining it this couldn’t be true this couldn’t be reality.

He waved his hand and the bars dissolved around me. He smirked and walked closer to me. I started to back away but he kept on coming closer and closer. I backed into a wall and I knew I was trapped. He walked slowly to me and stood as close as he could and places his arms either side of my head.

“Aww poor helpless Evelyn, are you scared” he said leaning into my face.

“Leave me alone” I whispered shakily

“Oh Evelyn don’t be like that” he twisted a lock of my hair round his finger and sniggered “Your really quite beautiful you know”

I jerked my head away from him and closed my eyes, I didn’t want to believe any of this it had to be a dream it couldn’t be real.

Suddenly he leaned close I could feel his breath on my neck. He pressed his lips to my neck they were like ice; his touch seemed to knock all the breath out of me like falling into a freezing cold river and not being able to breath. He started to kiss and lick my neck, I hated his touch I struggled to get away from him but I was frozen to the spot I couldn’t move no matter how much I tried to. He slid his hands down my body I felt myself shiver I wanted to get away I knew I couldn’t I knew nobody would help me.

“Mmm Evelyn you taste nice so much fear” he chuckled

“Get away from me” I whispered

“I know your enjoying it really Evelyn if you just let go” he said

He wrapped his huge rings round me pulling me into him so out bodies were tightly pressed together. He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine, his lips didn’t feel so cold anymore it was like my touch had sort of defrosted them. He pulled away suddenly and looked at me with wide eyes.

“How did you do that?” he gasped

I just looked at him confused; he leaned in and kissed me again this time deeper. I felt my body fill with cold. I started to lose consciousness as the cold filled me up. I fell back in his arms and once again everything went dark.


When I woke up I was laid on a large bed with black curtains drawn around it. The sheets were red silk and the pillows were black. As I sat up I noticed a figure watching me through the curtains.

“Are you there” I muttered

“Yes” he whispered

He opened the curtains slowly and laid down next to me. He was breathing heavily like he was afraid.

“Evelyn” he whispered

“Yes” I replied

“Are you ok” he stammered

“Y-Yes” I said

He lay on his side and stared at me; he took my hand lightly and kissed it. His lips now felt warm almost too hot. His eyes suddenly went wide and he let go of my hand in a flash. He sat up and walked away from the bed. He sat down at a desk and put his head in his hands and wrapped his wings around himself. I had an urge to go over to him after being so afraid I felt compassion for him. I started to walk over slowly and I placed my hand on the back of his wing. He flinched at my touch but turned round to look at me.

“I’ve failed” he whispered

“Failed what?” I asked

“I was meant to capture you and destroy you” he said sadly

“W-What?” I stuttered

“But I couldn’t do it” he said “You have captivated me body and soul”

He took my hand and pulled me gently to him; he brushed the hair away from my face and sat me down on his lap. He wrapped his arms round my waist and rested his head on my forehead. His lips were millimetres away from mine I could feel his now hot breath on my lips.

“I was sent by the higher powers to destroy you. You’re a danger to the fallen angels everything we have built can be destroyed with one word from you” he said “You have met someone called Leo I presume?”

“Y-yes but how do you know that?” I asked

“I’ve been following you Evelyn waiting for my moment and when Leo suddenly disappeared it was my chance”

“What do you mean by one word from me? What word could destroy something?”

“Not so much a word more an answer. You will be asked a question and depending on your answer depends on the outcome.”

“Why me though” I asked confused

“No one knows why people are chosen it is out of our hands it is even out of the higher power’s hands it is simple fate” he said “My dead Evelyn, there will be many more after you keep safe and don’t go out alone, you have changed me you took away all the cold and hate inside me and replaced it with a warmth. You have made me feel love again. I love you Evelyn” he said quietly

“B-but why if you wanted to kill me” I asked

“I do not know you have a strange magic Evelyn you can change people.” He sighed

“What’s wrong?” I asked softly

“I love you I’ve never felt love before yet there’s such a great sadness that comes with love” he said

“Why should there be any sadness”

“I can’t be with you Evelyn never you belong to someone else, everyone’s soul is connected to their partner and no matter who they are with before they will always end up with that person, their soul mate” he said sadly

“Who is my soul mate?” I asked

“I cannot tell you Evelyn it goes against all the laws of angels it is something you have to discover yourself and you will find him in there” he touched my chest where my heart is “But I will watch out for you I won’t let anyone hurt you Evelyn”

I looked into his eyes they seemed so sad so alone. I leaned into him and kissed him. I felt his arms tighten around me as he deepened the kiss. He stood up and carried me in his arms. He gently laid me down on the bed and kept kissing me I felt his hands on my body. He wrapped his wings round us both and started to pull my shirt off.

“Stop” I whispered

“I-I’m so sorry” he said sadly “I think you should leave I don’t want to do anything else”

He lifted me in his arms again and before I knew it he had shot up into the air and we were flying. It was amazing it was like I could just reach up and touch the stars. I wanted this flight to last forever but in what felt like a few minutes he landed in front of my apartment block.

“Goodbye Evelyn” he kissed me deeply until I lost consciousness in his arms.

The End

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