Chapter 5 - Evelyn



When I awoke the next day there was a note stuck onto my dresser. It was on the same paper as before white with silver stars on it and the familiar loopy writing. It occurred to me that a huge smile had emerged on my face, this was the effect he had on me? I started to read the note.


Dear Evelyn

I would very much like to take you out to the theatre if you will permit me to. I will meet you at your door promptly at 8:00pm, I will then take you out for a meal afterwards, I am very much looking forward to seeing you again and I hope you like The Phantom of the Opera! It is my favourite. I will see you later my beautiful Evelyn.


Love from Leo


P.S look inside the bottom drawer of your dresser you will find an outfit in there for later



I was stunned, he was going to take me out on a formal date and he has bought me a dress! I ran around my room jumping up and down screaming, this was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time. I pulled out the bottom drawer of my dresser and there was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. It came to just below my knees, it was a pure white colour with a silver piece of materiel round the middle, it had two little silver straps and intricate detail of stars stitched into the top and what looked like silver vines winding down the dress. There was also a pair of shoes in there, beautiful white stilettos with silver heels. Finally there was a long piece of materiel to drape over my arms to keep me warm. It was white with the same silver vines as on the dress. I went to try it all on, I felt like a princess. I quickly got it all off not wanting to spoil any part of it. I laid it all out on my bed and just looked at it for a while.


I finally pulled away and went downstairs for breakfast. Surprisingly Dad was still here. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat down with him. He was watching the news, more stuff about Iraq, I don’t know why he watches it, it just depresses him.


“Morning” I said eventually

“Morning” he replied

“Dad why are you watching this?” I asked

“Nothing else on love”

“Why aren’t you at work?” I asked

He just sighed and averted my gaze. There was something he didn’t want to tell me and I knew whatever it was it wasn’t going to be good.

“Please tell me Dad” I said

“Eve hun I’ve been made redundant” he said reluctantly

“W-why?” I stuttered

“They can’t afford to keep me anymore what with the credit crunch and everything” he said sadly

“But that sucks!” I shouted “You work for the press why cant they afford to keep you they pay you hardly anything as it is!”

“Please Eve don’t get angry, I guess they just didn’t need me anymore, maybe someone else is a better use of their money” he sighed

“But you’re a brilliant reporter I’ve read your stuff you make everything so lively and exciting” I said

“Well maybe that’s not the angle they want” he said and he drifted off into the kitchen and boiled the kettle.

I just sat stunned and angry, why would they get rid of my dad?! He was an amazing, amazing reporter. He gave everything such a cool and funky angle; he even got teens like me reading his stuff. He looked so sad, he loved his job he always worked hard at it just so I could have a good life and a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Those stupid pompous people at the press have ruined all his hard work and taken his happiness away with it. It wasn’t fair it just wasn’t.


I went back up to my room and checked the time; it was only 11:30am. This day was going to go so slowly. I decided to tidy my room and have a clear out to kill time. I started with under my bed. There were 3 little boxes under there, I had totally forgotten about them. One contained all my little baby clothes that Mum and Dad had kept, little pink dresses and booties, dummies and rattles. I must have been so tiny. I was born prematurely they thought they had lost me, that’s why all my clothes had to be taken off little baby dolls.

The second box had all my dolls in it, Barbies and Bratz. There were loads of little clothes and accessories for them; there was even a white toy horse. I used to sit for hours and hours playing with them. Pretending they were all happy families or fairies or angels. They were always angels after Mum died, I had one Barbie that I pretended was her and all the other Barbies and Bratz were the angels looking after her. I rummaged through the box looking for it. It was my best Barbie it had long brown hair and a beautiful face; it had a little white dress on with two big white wings in the back. I had tears running down my face; it looked so much like her. I laid the doll carefully on my pillow and pushed the box aside.

In the final box there were photo albums. This was going to be painful I knew it was, I traced my finger around the lettering on the first one I daren’t open it not knowing what was going to be inside.

I slowly opened the front cover and on the first page was Mum holding me in the hospital. She looked so happy her face was beaming. There was dad stood next to her, I had his finger clenched tightly in my little fists. We all looked so happy, so perfect.

The next picture was me in the garden up to my knees in snow. Mum was laid on the grass next to me making a snow angel and laughing, dad must have been taking the photo. Next was some more of me at Christmas and Halloween the usual sort of presents and masks. The last photo was a picture of my mum the day before the crash. I remember she was wearing her red jumper and she had her favourite light pink lipstick on and a smile ear to ear. I gently slid it out of its page and laid it on my pillow next to the doll. I would treasure these memories forever I would never forget anything not one single happy moment with her, never.


I started to pack everything back up; I couldn’t throw anything away, not now, not ever. I checked the clock and it was 7:30pm I quickly ran over to my bed and started to pull the dress on. When I was finally ready I saw myself in the mirror and gasped, what was I going to do with my hair?! I quickly started to gather it into a bun and hope for the best. I then threw a bit of makeup on and ran downstairs. The door buzzed and he was here bang on 8:00pm.

The End

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