Chapter 4 - Evelyn



I woke up. It was early morning. I hated waking up from my dreams especially happy dreams. I didn’t understand why he disappears at the end of each one or why there is something different and almost magical about him. Yet the part that confused me the most was why I dreamt I glowed at his kiss. My dream felt so real like it had actually happened, like I could still feel the warm touch of his soft lips on mine, but that would have been impossible. I felt like a stupid mushy girl with a little girl crush on someone who probably wasn’t even interested yet I wished with all my being that it had happened even though I know dreams don’t come true. I dreamt about my mum putting me to bed and giving me a hug every night but it didn’t bring her back…


I decided to go out for a walk I needed to get out the house and try to clear my head of him. I didn’t like the feeling of being totally obsessed with someone I liked to feel independent like I didn’t need anyone’s help or attention. I didn’t know where I was going I was just walking until I realised I had walked past the same spot 5 times the spot where I had 1st seen him.

 I sighed and carried on walking when I thought I saw him up ahead. I ran to him faster and faster but he carried on walking. It seemed the closer I got the further away I was and that I could never quite reach him. He turned the corner and as I came round, he was gone. Once again he had disappeared out of my grasp. I have a much to vivid imagination maybe I was just in another of my dreams. I leant against a wall out of breath and I found myself crying. There was something about him that just drew me to him and if I wasn’t near him something was missing. Some unbreakable magnetic force, pulling him to me and yet repelling him further from me. I wished I could see him again to ask him all the questions I had swimming through my head. I pushed off from the wall and bumped into Elizabeth Taylor. She isn’t the nicest girl ever. She's queen bee at school, I swear she has her own gravitational pull that attracts all guys (and even some girls).

“Watch where you’re going rat” she said menacingly

“I’m sorry I’ll be more careful next time” I stammered

“For your sake you better hope there isn’t a next time”

“Or what? You’ll steal my clothes after gym again?” I mumbled shakily

“What did you say? How dare you answer me back!” she yelled and slammed me against the wall.

“You never ever talk back to me, you understand that rat?!” she shouted up close to my face some spit flying at me.

“You don’t scare me I’m sick of being pushed around by you!” I yelled surprised at my sudden confidence normally I would just shy away from her, why was I fighting back?

Elizabeth pulled her fist back ready to hit me in the face. I closed my eyes and waited for the blow, but it never came. I heard a voice a soft gentle voice and I felt Elizabeth’s grip loosen on me.

“It’s ok Evelyn your safe now I won’t let anyone hurt you” the voice whispered in my ear just like the wind lightly brushing past.

I felt my heart skip a beat at that voice but when I opened my eyes Elizabeth was gone and so was whoever saved me. It had to be him my mystery guy. No one could have a voice that made my heart flutter and yet sink at the same time like this. I brushed myself off and started to walk back the way I came. As I turned the corner once again he was there leant against the lamppost. He had his eyes closed and his head pointing upwards the sun shining on his skin. He looked almost like he was glowing. I walked up to him slowly not knowing whether to walk past and see if he noticed me or to say hi. He made my mind up for me, as I started to get closer he turned his head and looked at me and smiled.

“Hey” he said almost a whisper

“Hi” I replied

“You were pretty feisty back there” he chuckled

“You saw that?” I asked

“Who do you think saved your butt?” he laughed

I blushed bright red and mumbled a thanks, to this he just laughed some more. It was like he knew the effect he had on me and was going to torment me with it as much as possible.

“So you wanna go grab that coffee?” he asked

“S-sure” I stammered

He held his hand out to me. I just stood and stared at it he must think I’m a complete idiot. Eventually I took his hand and walked down the street with him. As soon as my hand touched his a wave of happiness shot through me. It was like being struck by lightning. I felt my face flush bright red as we walked hand in hand. I could have sworn the sun got brighter as soon as out hands touched and where our hands met a faint white glow seemed to emerge; maybe it was my imagination running away with me as usual.


We walked in silence for a while catching each others eye every now and then. When we finally arrived at the coffee shop I caught sight of myself in the window, I was bright beetroot red. The realisation of this made me go even redder; god knows what he thought of me.

We went inside and ordered some lattes and sat down at a table by the window.

“I know what you’re thinking Evelyn” he said quietly almost like he didn’t speak aloud and I just heard it in my head.

“W-what I’m not thinking anything” I needed to try and talk properly around him.

“You have questions do you not?” he said

“Some but they don’t matter just silly really” I shook my head

“Try me” he smiled

“Ok I was wondering why you always seem to disappear” I said slowly

“I do not disappear your just not quick enough to see me” he smiled again

“And also what is your name? How do you know mine?”

“I know yours because it was on your school books Evelyn and you may call me Leo”

“Leo” I said “I like that” I giggled

We just sat in silence for a while sipping our coffees. I’d had some questions answered I suppose but the answers just presented more questions.

When we had finished he had insisted on walking me home even though I made this same journey alone day in day out. We walked in silence with my arm linked through his. It was cold outside and as a result there were ice patches on the ground. I think he noticed this as he seemed to hold onto my arm firmly. When we arrived at my flat neither of us seemed to know what would be the most appropriate way to say goodbye. We didn’t seem like friends but not like strangers either; it was like being in some kind of limbo. He broke the awkwardness by speaking first.

“Well that was nice; we should go out again sometime” he said

“Yes, yes it was I’d love to go out again” I smiled

“Well its getting cold you should get inside”

“Yes I guess I should”

“I’ll see you again tomorrow maybe?” he asked hopefully

“I’ll hold you to it” we both laughed at this

“Well goodbye my fair Evelyn” he came closer to me and stared at me before lightly pecking my cheek.

“Goodbye” he whispered with a smile.

“Bye” I whispered also

We stood and stared at each other for a few moments before he said another quiet goodbye and walked down the street. The way he walked was like his feet didn’t quite touch the ground like he just glided along the pavement.

I was waiting for him to disappear out of my sight, I was sure I was ready for it this time and that he wouldn’t disappear but true to every time I had seen him as the wind blew some leaves into my vision he was gone.

The End

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