Chapter 3 - Evelyn



I went back up to my room clutching my math book. How did he know where I lived? It was a puzzle, I thought I should be frightened he could be some mad stalker. Yet I wasn’t frightened it all felt so mysterious like he knew where to come, maybe it was fate. I knew there had to be some logical reason how he knew where to come. I threw my math book onto the bed and just sat staring into space. I started daydreaming about him. I dreamt that we were laid on a hill, my hand in his, staring at the stars, but suddenly he disappeared and wasn’t there anymore and everything else started to disappear until I was just sat in nothingness…

The front door banged which made me jump and knock my book off the bed. Dad must be home from work. I bent down to pick the book up and a little piece of paper fell out. It hade tiny silver stars around the edge and loopy neat writing on it. I just stared at it not processing what it said. To ecstatic that he had even written to me.





Dear Evelyn

It was very nice to see you, I feel connected to you somehow and that you will help me to fulfil my purpose.

Love at first sight may exist after all and I hope you will agree

All my love L.G.N


Fulfil his purpose? What did he mean? The note as much confused me as captivated me. It was so cryptic and made perfect sense to me also somewhere in the back of my mind. How did he know my name and why wouldn’t he write his? So many questions popped into my head but I tried to suppress them because all that mattered was he said he loved me, in a long winded kind of way but it was there. It seems like some stupid teenage fantasy I didn’t quite believe any of it myself. I read the line over and over that he thinks its love at first sight…

I heard my dad coming along the corridor so I quickly slid the note under my mattress and climbed into bed and pretended to sleep.

“Evelyn? Are you awake?” he asked, I felt him sit down on my bed “ I’m sorry I haven’t been around a lot lately I just want to earn enough money to give you a nice life its what your mother always wanted, well goodnight I love you” he kissed my forehead and walked out the room.

I opened my eyes and whispered

“I love you to dad”

 Then I rolled over and fell asleep.


I dreamt about him that night. He was sat in my room watching me sleep, his eyes glittering in the moon light a little contented smile on his face. He whispered

“Soon we can be together, soon you will see who I truly am my beautiful Evelyn” he walked over to the bed and kissed me softly on the lips, my body seemed to glow at his kiss and then he was gone.

The End

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