Chapter 2 - Evelyn



 I don’t remember falling asleep but when I opened my eyes it was light outside, there were mascara stains on my pillow and I was still dressed. I forced myself to get up and went into the bathroom to sort myself out. I live in a council block of flats; we have two tiny bedrooms, one poky bathroom and a kitchen that joins to our dingy living room.

We never used to live here. We had a big posh house with huge windows letting light in everywhere and a grand piano in the living room. Mum used to sit and play it for hours; I remember sitting listening to her play and just drifting away into the music. Dad got rid of the piano when we had to move. He said it held too many sad memories. It killed me to see it go, it was like losing the last grasp I had on her. I couldn’t play I desperately tried to but it always ended up off key. Mum used to just laugh and tell me it was ok I’d pick it up eventually with her help. I guess I’ll never learn now.


It was Saturday, no school, I always loved Saturdays. Me and my mum used to go out every Saturday when I was little. We went to theme parks and shopping and leisure centres. I don’t do things like that anymore. Not since she died. It wasn’t fair I had my mum ripped away from me when I was just 10 years old that was 5 years ago now. She died in a crash some drunk driver was on her side of the road. Me and dad don’t do things like that anymore he seems to be as lifeless as a zombie since mum died. He just works and comes home and goes to bed. I remember him being fun and playing games with me. We used to be so close, we would go to the park together and play games and push me on the swings. That’s all stopped now.


I laid back on my bed and stared at the ceiling. The sun was pouring through a crack in the curtains. My room is pretty tiny with just a bed, dresser and desk. The walls were a fading lilac colour and there was the odd poster of a celebrity on my walls. An average teenage room just like everyone else, not different at all.

I just laid there daydreaming for what seemed like hours, thinking about Mum and how she always smelled of roses and peppermint and she smiled all the time even when Dad lost his job…

My trance was broken by someone buzzing our flat. I rushed to the phone to ask who it was.

“Hello who is it?” I asked

“Hey It’s well it’s the guy who picked your books up for you” he laughed “I have something that I think belongs to you”

I buzzed him in and then he was there at my door, that beautiful boy. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, I stood staring at him at the door, I thought it was still my imagination but as he walked in he was so real. He smiled at me and his eyes lit up as he did.

“I believe this is yours?” he handed me my math book

“Y-yes thanks, but how did you know where to come?” I asked

“Your address was inside the cover” he smiled

“Well thank you again. Would you like to stay for a coffee?” I asked hopefully

“I would love to, but I have to rush off”

“Oh ok some other time maybe”

“I’ll hold you to it” he chuckled slightly said goodbye softly and walked away. I watched him out the window and as the sun hit him he seemed to disappear. I couldn’t believe it he was there and then he was gone. I came away from the window confused, wondering how he could just disappear. I opened my maths book, there was no address inside.

The End

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