Angel Connection

I didn't want to die; sometimes you just have no choice. I will die for him if that's what it takes I love him and he loves me, love means sacrifice especially when you love someone who is already dead.
Evelyn Crosswire is a regular 16 year old girl. Yet there is something different about her that everyone but herself seems to see. She gets bullied at school no one likes her even the teachers, until he came along.
When Evelyn meets Leo her whole world starts to change and many strange things s


I never thought about my life, about what would happen, how it began, how it ends. Death isn’t something everyone wants to think about until they have to.

As I stared into his weeping eyes and my world turned black. That’s the last thing I remember, I died in his arms that night, he was the last person to see me alive, he loves me… and he isn’t even human.


Chapter 1 - Evelyn

First Glance


It was late autumn, the frost had started to creep in I hate winter. I live in Soho in London; we aren’t the wealthiest of people.  I was on my way to school leaves falling all around me, litter billowing around on the ground, the usual crowd of boys stood outside the liquor shop and dark heavy clouds in the sky. The sun never seemed to come out anymore, it just rains and rains ever since the accident.

I dragged my feet along the floor not wanting to get to school, I knew I would end up rubbing holes in my shoes, again, but I didn’t care. School is a lonely place for me, I never quite fitted in, and apparently people saw something different about me that even I don’t see. People snigger in the corridors and point at me, some even  try to trip me in the corridors and throw food at me at lunch, I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this. Was born maybe?

As I turned the corner there was a boy there id never seen him before. He had jet black hair and these piercing green eyes. He seemed different to any guys round here, too wealthy looking perhaps. Different, like me.

 I kept walking past hoping to look cool and not make a fool of myself but being the total clutz I am I tripped as I got to him and my books sprawled all over the pavement. In a heartbeat he was knelt beside me helping me up and passing me my books.

“You might want to be more careful it’s a little icy” he said in the most angelic voice I had ever heard

“Th-thanks” I stammered

We were silent for what felt like an eternity just staring at each other neither knowing what to say. Eventually I spoke up and said “I need to get to school thanks again bye”

“Ok goodbye” he said softly

I walked away hurriedly my face was burning. I glanced back and he was gone, just disappeared I thought I had imagined him…


I rushed into school just as the bell went. I’m a bit of a dreamer always have my head in the clouds, I guess me and reality just aren’t the greatest of friends. I seem to be happier in my thoughts and my dreams; reality is just too harsh sometimes.

My teacher slammed her book down on my desk

“Am I keeping you awake Evelyn?”

“Sorry miss I’ll concentrate more now it was my mistake”

“You always seem to be away with the fairies” she lowered her head to me and whispered “Maybe that’s why you shouldn’t be here its not like you fit in”

She walked away while I sat there in shock my eyes filling up, how could she say something like that? I know she doesn’t like me but to confirm what I knew people thought was uncalled for.


The bell rang for the end of school I had wanted this day to end. I grabbed my books and almost ran out of the classroom. I dragged my feet all the way home and threw my books down onto the floor. I sat down on my bed and cried, I cried for hours I couldn’t stop.

The End

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