Angel Child: Chapter 3


Usually when a hot guy touches my hands I tend to blush and feel some sort of giddiness within me. But, am I supposed to glow?

Connie and Sarah stare at me in awe as they take in the fact that this guy is touching me, not that I am glowing. I now know that they can't see it.

He moves his hands back and stares at me expectantly, "Well? Do you remember me Angelica?"

All I remember, to be honest, is the feeling of being light headed every time I glow. That is really starting to sound weird. "No, I have no clue," when he sighs out of desperation I add, "Sorry, but this is sort of weird for me."

"Weird?" He asks, looking just as handsome completely confused as when he is looking peaceful.

"Yes, you know," I lean forward and whisper as softly as I can, "the whole glowing thing isn't exactly normal for me."

His conflicted eyes open wide in disbelief and his hair blows softly in the warm heat that usually visits us from the beach. "You honestly do not know."

Again with the whole not knowing something; this guy may be a cutie, but he seriously needs a wakeup call. If I didn't know what he was talking about less than ten minutes ago, I sure won't know anything now. "No I don't. I'm sorry, but my friends and I were heading somewhere, so if you don't mind—"

"You might be safe for a longer time than we anticipated if you don't know then." The beautiful stranger continues on, without hearing my words. What a nuisance. Just because he is good looking he thinks that he can ignore me.

"Again with the riddles, listen, I don't know you and it kind of creeps me out that you know me, so if you don't mind, my friends and I are leaving now." I say decisively and start to make my way around the tall, sculpture like creation that the world may just not be ready for yet.

"Wait, Angelica." He says and I feel a spark as he grabs my arm.

"Whoa there buddy," I hear Sarah announce as he nearly knocks her over as a side-effect of his sudden movement.

"Who are you?" I ask once more, deciding that it will be the last time I do so. His eyes entice me to be curious, and his voice lowers the walls that I had built around anyone who I had not considered worthy.

His gaze analyzes my face and he brushes one of the bright, blond loose curls that had so opportunistically appeared only several weeks before away from my eyes. "I am Dominique. I was sent to protect you; you are very precious to us."

"What?" I say, not nearly as defiant as I want to sound.

"Ask your parents, they know all." He releases my arm and looks from Connie's bewildered face to Sarah's annoyance that is etched in the deep creases on her forehead. Finally his eyes rest on me for one last look. "Do not forget me; remember me when your wings are no longer able to support you."

He is gone before I can ask him what he means by his colorful riddle.

You know what is stranger than glowing body parts?

A beautiful, disappearing boy.


The End

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