Angel Child

What would you do if you were something that you would have never imagined? Something that, if you were born as one, you would know instantly? More importantly, how would you deal with the news that the race that you unknowingly belong to is near extinction and you its only savior? In a world full of a corrupted government that is hidden too far into the depths of society, a teenage girl is the world's only hope of pure salvation.


In the midst of world revolutions and scientific discoveries every decade several angel falls from heaven and descend upon the most deserving parents as a miracle child. The fascination with finding an angel child has been widespread for hundreds of years and up until the present many have been captured. In order to study these miraculous beings, humans entrap them and put them through tests to observe their divine grace.

These children remember their past identities and are usually found advising sinners on how to make a better life for themselves. Every year, thousands of children are put to the test and every year, at least one angel is found. Their common question when set up to study is: “What is reality? Do you know?” To which the scientists will then answer, as they are trained to do, “The here and now. Nothing more and nothing less.”

For now humans have been able to foster Angels for answers that were once unfathomable or unreachable, but what happens when everything that they knew was about to change?

The End

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