Roller Coasters and Sword fights

When we arrived Seth immediately brought me to the roller coasters. “Um, Seth? No.” I said staring at the menacingly large roller coaster. Seth sighed and said “I’ll ride all the roller coasters now and I’ll meet you at the Ferris wheel later, ok?” I looked at him and nodded and he got in line to wait. So much for my date! I walked away from him and wandered around the carnival until I was standing in front of the sword fighters ring. The sword fighters ring was a game that angels and devils alike played to see who the best fighter was and whoever was in the ring at the end got $100 prize. I looked to see who was in the ring and it was Z against Mr. Silver. I clapped as they began and Mr. Silver was winning straight off the bat. I cheered for Mr. Silver who gave me the occasional smile and wave, and from Z well I got glared at. Allot. Since Z glared at me so much he wasn’t paying to Mr. Silver and was quickly and quite embarrassingly defeated. “Grrrrr. It’s entirely your fault!” Z said lunging at me with his sword.

 I blocked quickly with one hand using my sword and the other hand to grab his lip ring. “Whatever Z Bra” I said pulling down hard on his lip ring. Z didn’t fall but he did turn around and somehow managed to get both my arms behind my back in one hand and he had a dagger against my neck with the other. “Remember what I said about not angering those who were stronger then you?” Z said smiling evilly at me. I scowled and struggled against his hold but he pulled the dagger closer to my throat so I stopped and gave up. Mr. Silver had his hand on the hilt of his blade and said “Rematch? If I win you set her free. If I lose...” Z smirked “If you lose I get the girl and she comes back to my school with me!” Z said pulling me back towards the ring. I gasped when I saw where he put Cleo. “Pick up my sword! Do not treat her like some piece of trash!” I yelled struggling against Z’s hold. Mr. Silver rolled his eyes and picked up my sword and placed it up against the chair Z had forced me to sit in, I was tied up quite well, but I could break free if my hands were untied. I looked around for Seth who was standing on the opposite side of the ring. “Seth!” I said struggling against the ropes.

Z and Seth both looked at me giving Mr. Silver an opening and Z was beaten in a matter of seconds. Seth ran around and untied me. I rubbed my wrists and said “Where were you?” I asked as I picked up Cleo. “Well the last coaster was really long.” Seth said guiltily. “A good man never leaves his lady alone. Especially when they are at a formal outing.” Mr. Silver said putting his sword in his scabbard. I looked at Mr. Silver who bowed politely. “Thanks for saving my humanity Mr. Silver.” I said smiling kindly. “You may call me Devon.” He said rather politely. I blushed and said “Thanks you ... Devon.” It was interesting calling my teacher who was two years older than me (Yes he is 17) by his first name. I wonder if I will have to call him Devon in class too. Then he made me blush even more by kissing my hand! In front of Seth! I looked dumbstruck as he walked away. “Want to explain to me what that was all about?” Seth asked angrily. “I don’t know what just happened Seth I really don’t know.” I said shaking my head “But I would like to go home now, please.” I stared at him my eyes were getting watery. “Okay I’ll take you home.” Seth said a faint smile spreading across is lips but it didn’t quite reach his eyes and he walked me home.

The End

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