Well that was fun but now I have to deal with you

“Well that was fun.” I said walking back into the kitchen, Seth followed. “Yeah very amusing.” Seth said leaning against the door frame the lead to the hall way. “Is his name really Z Bra?” I asked giggling. “No it’s actually Zachary Bra but Z is short form.” Seth said walking up behind me as I grabbed two cokes from the fridge. “Oh wow.” I said tossing Seth a coke “Because that is so much better!” I opened my pop as Seth moved a piece of hair that had fallen in face away from my eyes. I drank my coke as fast as I could and placed the empty can on the kitchen counter. Seth looked down at me again and I looked away from his gaze. “You better go...” I said walking away from Seth. “Later.” He said walking out my door. I sighed and asked myself out loud “What just happened?” I was seriously confused and tired I looked at the stove clock in the kitchen and it read 9:00pm. Wait, 9:00pm? That can’t be right. I sighed again and walked into my bedroom. I collapsed on my bed in a huge heap and instantly fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to a very loud “Music is my Boyfriend” by Skye Sweetnam. I had programmed the song to be my alarm, but I never set the volume this high. As soon as the alarm began I yelped and fell out of bed. Rubbing my head and standing up I shut of my alarm. I looked at the clock which said 7:00am. I groaned, 8 ½ hours till Seth would come and pick me up. At least it gave me time to shower and get ready. I sighed and made my way to the showers.

After a nice refreshing shower I put on my black, soft, fuzzy housecoat and walked over to my closet. I spent three hours going through my closet and picking two of my favourite outfits for my date. I was stuck on my little black dress, the dress was quite short well above my knees but the skirt part was ruffled. There was what seemed like a black belt and the shirt part went in corset style. The dress was strapless. My other outfit was a cute little purple dress that ended just above my knees. The skirt flowed and it had short sleeves. I sighed and said “Which one? Which one?” I looked at Dahlia who had flown over to my bed was the one who chose the dress for me. She stood in front of the purple one which was quite beautiful. My mom had gotten it for me for my birthday last year and I haven’t worn it since. I did my makeup and hair before I put on the dress. I slipped into some comfy jeans which made the dress seem more like a shirt than a dress. I giggled and looked at the clock. It was 3:00pm which meant Seth would be here in an hour. I quickly grabbed my black high tops and I curled my hair with the curling iron I had plugged in before I went to the shower. I quickly put a belt on and attacked Cleo to it. Just then the door bell rang. I looked out the window and it was Seth.

“Hey!” I said opening the door “Hey.” Seth replied. Seth was wearing his favourite pair of faded jeans, a button up shirt that had the first four buttons undone (So hot!) and a black jacket. Seth was staring at me and then he saw Cleo attached to my belt and he shook his head. “What? You never know. Everyone will be at the carnival. Devil students, angel students, humans, angels and devils!” I said walking out of the house and locking the door. “Zebra might be there.” I said giggling and that made Seth go from Mr. Grumpy pants to Mr. Smiley face. “Let’s go.” He said putting his arm around my shoulder and we walked down the street to the carnival.

The End

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