Between a Best friend and a Wall

It took Seth about 10 minutes to get to my house when he ran. If he walked it took about 30 minutes. Seth runs really, really fast. I opened the door for him to come in but he didn’t. “What’s wrong?” I asked Seth who just stared at me and panted. “Nothing... just tired is all.” Seth replied finally walking inside. I stared at Seth and sighed. “I ran home and he was smoking in their school yard. I ignored him and he walked up to me and surprised me. My sword was at his throat the entire time he was standing on the porch. He asked if I wanted to hang out and I declined. He left and I put Cleo away then unlocked the front door. Then he whispered in my ear “It’s best not to anger those who are stronger than you.” I gasped and turned around but he was gone.” I told Seth as he paced in my kitchen.

 “Then I saw him again right before you came over and he waved at me like nothing had happened.” I walked over to Seth “Stop pacing! You’ll wear out the floor.” I said grabbing his arm tightly and pulling him until he stopped. “Sorry.” He said staring at me directly in the eye; I had to look away in embarrassment. “It’s okay now. You came over because?” I asked letting go of his arm “I came over to make sure you were okay!” He said looking me over “And to give you your keys. You must have dropped them when you were on your way out from school because they were on the floor near the doors.” Seth handed me my keys which had a sword design on it. “Well thank you and good bye.” I said pushing him towards the door, but he didn’t budge. Seth looked at me and I stepped back. He took a step forward and I took another step back. We did this until my back was up against the back wall in the kitchen. Seth put his hands on the wall so I couldn’t leave just like he had during art class.

Seth stared at me with his piercing green eyes. I looked at him with utter fear in my hazel eyes. Seth removed my glasses and held them in his hand before putting them in my sweater pocket and putting his hand back up against the wall. I opened my mouth to speak but I couldn’t find the words. The way Seth stared at me made my face turn deep red. Seth leaned down a little; my hands were clutching the wall. I didn’t want to hurt Seth with Cleo but I didn’t want him to kiss me either! “Seth...” I said but he just said “Shhh... Please just let me do this.” His face came closer to mine and I began to tremble. Seth’s lips were just centimetres from mine. I was frozen in fear. Just as Seth’s lips were about to come down on mine the doorbell rang and Seth froze. I sighed in relief and ducked under Seth’s arm to walk towards the door but Seth stopped me.

 “Don’t go.” Seth whispered. I jerked away and walked over to the door. I put my glasses on and opened the door and guess who was there? Done guessing? It was Z. Z was standing on my doorstep. Again. I gasped and began to close the door but he grabbed it. “Why do you resist me?” He asked walking in. I backed up and drew Cleo. I stood in a defensive position. “Leave. Now.” I said pointing it at him. “Awww, come on baby.” Z said trying to walk around the sword but I wouldn’t let him. "The lady said leave, so leave." Seth said walking out from the kitchen. “Go away Seth. This isn’t your fight.” I said sighing looking from Z to Seth then back to Z. “Jealous much O’Ryen?” Z said to Seth. Seth’s last name is O’Ryen he’s somewhat Irish on his dad’s side, that’s where the emerald green eyes come from. “Not on your life Bra.” Seth retaliated. I snickered. Z Bra. That made my crappy day a whole lot better. “Wh-Whatever.” Z Bra said walking out of my house. “She will be mine.” He said disappearing into the street. “Never.” I said putting Cleo back into her case.

The End

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