Reasearch on Doves

“I’m home!” I shouted to the empty hall ways, it’s likely that mom and dad were still at work. I sighed and put down my bag on the island in the kitchen. I walked back to the front door, closed and locked it, before I started working on my homework, finding out what doves eat and where their habitat is. I walked up stairs to my room and logged on, to my computer. I clicked on Google and searched dove. I spent half an hour looking up and writing down information and this is what I got:

Doves live mostly in America and in the prairie regions in other countries.

Doves like the open

Doves dislike marshes and forests

Doves eat seeds, euphorbias, crotons, ragweed, and amaranth

Doves don’t eat legumes, acorns, or seeds of clovers, chufas, partridge peas, vetches and other plants.

I sighed and reviewed the limited information on the dove. Most of the links I clicked on were for Dove hair product. I sighed and looked at Dahlia who had already made a nest in my old clothes that never fit drawer that was open. “Well I better get you something to eat now.” I said walking over to Dahlia and letting her climb on my wrist. I gently lifted her to my shoulder and walked into the kitchen. “Oh yeah! Dahlia you better not poop in there. You better poop outside or in the toilet.” I said laughing opening the grains cabinet. I took all amaranth and crotons we had and brought them into my room with a large container with a lid. I dumped both of the grains into the container and shook it up. I placed the container in her nesting area and went back to the kitchen to grab a container of water. I filled up a smaller container of water and walked back to my room and placed it next to the food container. Dahlia flew over to her nest and immediately began eating. “Wow! Somebody was hungry.” I cooed to my bird. “I better call Seth now...” I said sighing. I really didn’t want to talk to him right now but I guess it’s inevitable.

I picked up the blue and white cell phone I had gotten for my birthday and saw I had 10 missed calls all from Seth. “Damn it Seth. Why are you so darn lovable?” I said sighing, picking up the phone and pressing speed dial. The phone rang once before Seth picked up and started apologizing. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me! I just don’t know! Please, please forgive me.” Seth pleaded. “Seth it’s okay.” I said holding back a giggle. “I am sorry though. Are we still on for tomorrow?” Seth asked I sat down on my bed and laughed. I laughed till my stomach hurt. “Hello?” Seth said in the phone. “Sorry. Sorry. Yeah we’re still on for tomorrow.” I said picking up the phone which I had dropped during my laughing fit. “Hey do you know a blonde guy named Z that goes to Satan’s school?” I asked, because Seth played every sport he often played against Satan’s school. “Yeah I do. He’s one of their best sword fighters. Why?” Seth answered.

 I sat up on my bed and replied “Because he asked if I wanted to “hang out” with him some time.” I said disgusted “WHAT!” Seth yelled “When?” I was shocked “A few hours ago when I got home from school.” I replied. I have never heard Seth sound so angry before. “What was he doing before that?” Seth asked calming down a little. “He was smoking something in the school yard.” I said “Why?” I asked walking over to the front rooms window. “Because that bugger was trying to convert you!” Seth said. Convert usually means when someone from Satan’s school makes someone from Angel Academy transfer to their school. It’s unlikely but it’s happened. I saw Z walking out from the school with two other boys, and he waved at me. I ducked. “Seth he just waved at me.” I said my hands shaking again. I gripped Cleo noticing that I hadn’t put her away yet, and I was glad I hadn’t. “I’m coming over.” Seth said. I heard him open his door through the phone. “See you.” I said hanging up.

The End

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