School can be Cool

Seth and I had the exact same schedule so most of the time we walked to class together. Today was no different. Our next class was science with Mrs. Organ. “I’ve never seen you use those techniques on anyone. Not even me!” Seth said as we walked over to our lockers which were conveniently placed next to each other. I blinked as I put in the combination into my lock. “I wanted to impress him I guess. I mean being the only female student in that class I didn’t want him to think that I was just there for the boys.” I said opening my locker and removing my books. “You can’t say that!” Seth said slamming his locker after he had grabbed all his books. “You’re the best one in the class! You can’t think that!” Seth was a little too close for comfort right now. “Umm, Seth?” I asked politely “Could you back up, just a little?” I was pushing lightly on his chest. Seth backed up immediately; I had obviously struck a nerve somewhere. About me. From Seth. Seth stood there awkwardly “Sorry.” He said blushing. I loved it when he did that. “Come on you big goof or we’ll be late for class!” I said pulling his free arm towards the science lab.

“Good morning students! Today we will study these sick animals and find out what’s wrong!” Mrs. Organ said in her usually cheerful voice “Now pair up and pick an animal.” She said sitting down at her desk and putting up her feet. “Seth?” I asked looking at him. “Sure.” He replied “Let’s go with the lizard!” Seth said looking at the scaly creature. “Ummm, no. How about the black dove?” I asked walking over to the poor creature’s cage. “Ok.” Seth said walking up next to me. I took the cage over to our table and opened it. The bird didn’t move it just sat there miserably. I put my hand in the cage and the bird climbed on to it. “Hello there.” I said cooing to the bird. I examined it before handing it over to Seth. “There is nothing physically wrong with it to the human eye.” I said as Seth examined the poor creature “That’s strange... the bird seems in pain but there is nothing wrong.” Seth said looking puzzled. “Mrs. Organ. What’s this bird’s name?” I asked raising my hand. “It doesn’t have one dear, it never has.” She replied opening a book on animals. I sighed and said “Seth maybe she wants a name?” I looked at him hopefully “Ok.” He replied looking at the bird “What’s your name sweetie” I cooed to the black dove, which had a glimmer of hope in her eyes now.

The bird flew over to the window and seemed to be trying to show us something. I opened the window and the bird flew straight to the Dahlias that grew in the schools garden. “Dahlia?” Seth asked and the bird nodded. “Well Dahlia we are going to be great friends!” I said as the bird flew over to me and landed on my shoulder. Mrs. Organ clapped “Well done! Well done!” She said “There was nothing wrong with the bird at all, she was just lonely.” Mrs. Organ petted the bird and said “She is yours. She can fly around the school freely and can go with you to classes, just like any ones pet.” I smiled and Seth put his hand on my shoulder. Then the bell rang.

Our next class was English with Mr. Smith. I walked in there with Dahlia on my shoulder. Mr. Smith smiled and said “Welcome friend! Please do enjoy yourself” Seth looked at Mr. Smith puzzled. Mr. Smith is the only teacher who doesn’t bother hiding his wings, which were pure white, and he was really nice to us. “Today we will be reading Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespearian classic. Katie you may begin reading.” He said throwing me the book. I looked at it and began reading. Seth and the rest of the class looked at me like I was something else. They enjoyed it when I read because I put so much emotion into it, and it made them feel like they were actually there. I finished the first three acts before Mr. Smith stopped me. “Very well done. On Monday our English class will be drawing parts for the play Romeo and Juliet and we will have Mrs. Morgan, your drama teacher, help us.” Mr. Smith said smiling at me “You are dismissed.” Just then the bell rang and it was time for lunch.

Our walk to the cafeteria was silent and Seth looked thoughtful. “What’s up?” I asked looking at him as he opened the doors to the cafeteria “Nothing. Do you have any plans this weekend?” Seth asked as we walked into the bustling cafeteria. “No not really, maybe hang with you Saturday but other than that not really.” I said getting in line. Seth always ate lunch with me because if he didn’t I probably wouldn’t eat anything. “Hey Seth you owe me a lunch.” I said grinning “Darn! I though you forgot.” He said messing up my hair. “Nope!” I said batting his hand away laughing. Every girl in the cafeteria stared at me with envious eyes. I picked up the tray that Seth had filled up for me. When we got to the cash register to pay I began to pull out my wallet but Seth stopped me. “Lunch is on me.” He said smiling as he paid for our food. After Seth paid for both of our trays we walked over to an empty table near the back.

I began eating my lunch as soon as we sat down, I didn’t realize I was that hungry, when Seth said “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the carnival this weekend.” He looked away after he said it, his face was beat red. “Of course Seth!” I said taking a drink from the ice tea bottle that was on my tray. “Really? I mean that’s great! I’ll pick you up around 4:00pm tomorrow ok?” Seth asked his face lighting up. “Of course.” I smiled and finished my lunch. Seth began to eat his lunch smiling the whole time. Dahlia came back with a note attached to her foot. I opened it and gasped. It read:

Seth stay away from Katie if you know what’s good for you!

My hands began shaking as I handed the note to Seth. Seth read it and a concerned expression crossed his face. “Whoever it is obviously doesn’t know that I can’t do that.” Seth said handing the note back to me as he finished his lunch. “Seth it’s not from someone in the school. The paper isn’t right. It’s crumpled up and it’s in red ink.” I said shaking my head. “You think someone from THAT school sent it?” Seth asked taking his and my tray to the garbage. I stood up with Dahlia on my shoulder. “Maybe, I don’t know.” I said walking over to him “But I’m scared.” I said adjusting my glasses. “If it helps I’ll drop it off at the principal’s office before class okay?” Seth said giving me a hug “Okay.” I said sighing “I’ll see you in class.” I said walking towards the door. “Okay.” Seth replied heading towards the principal’s office, note in hand.

My next class was math which I had already completed the first month of school. I didn’t have to come to math but I wanted to and Mr. Trepanier appreciated it. Today Mr. T was teaching the Pythagorean Theorem Mr. T walked up to the board and wrote the equation down:

 c squared = a squared + b squared

At some point when he was explaining the equation I dozed off. The dream I had was very strange. Seth was in it but so was Mr. Silver. Seth and Mr. Silver were sword fighting in some sort of fiery field. They fought for a while before Mr. Silver found an opening and knocked Seth over. When Seth was on the ground Mr. Silver had stabbed his sword right into Seth’s heart. I woke up sweating with wide eyes. But then I noticed math was over and Seth was trying to calm me down. I looked at him with relief and fear in my eyes. “Seth” I said hugging him.

“Another one?” Seth asked me as we walked down the halls to our last class, the one I loved the most, art. “Yeah. It was terrifying.” I said shuddering. “What was it about?” Seth asked opening the door to the art classroom. “You were in it but so was Mr. Silver and you were sword fighting about something. You were in a field of fire and Mr. Silver tripped you. You fell and then Mr. Silver stabbed you in the heart. I woke up at that point.” I said grabbing an apron and standing in front of a blank canvas. “Today you will be painting a dream you had.” Our teacher Mrs. Apple said walking into the center of the room. “It could be a good dream or a bad dream but it has to be a dream you’ve had.” She handed out paints to everyone. I sighed and Seth walked over to the easel next to mine. I took out my bandana and covered my eyes. I always painted blind, my paintings always turned out better that way. I took the paintbrush and dipped into some paint and I began. I stroked in several different directions dipping my paint brush in different paints when I needed to. When I thought I was finished I put down my brush and removed my bandana and gasped. My canvas was red, yellow and orange. The different colour mixed and rested next to each other to form flames. This flaming design covered the entire canvas with its beauty. My knees got weak and I almost collapsed. I tugged on Seth’s shirt for him to look, but he didn’t right away. I tugged harder and Seth turned and looked at me then my canvas. “Oh Katie...” He said staring at my painting. “Is it the...?” He asked facing me and I nodded.

 I waited for the paint on my canvas to dry before applying a protective coating to it and handing it in. “You have some very vivid dreams.” Mrs. Apple said looking at my work. “That’s because I see the future in my dreams.” I said walking over to where Seth was just finishing his painting of a beautiful brown haired girl with wings darker than the night sky. “Wow Seth” I said looking at the painting “It kind of looks like me.” I said helping Seth apply the protective paint. “That’s because it is you... sort of” Seth said turning to face me, allowing the coating to dry. I blushed “Well it’s amazing anyway.” I said backing up a little. Seth moved up and put his hands on the wall so I couldn’t escape. “It wouldn’t be amazing if it was anyone but you.” He whispered into my ear. I pushed him off of me and said “The coatings probably done drying now...” I looked away from him and grabbed his painting before placing it on the teacher’s desk. Then the bell rang and I ran out of the class room straight to my locker.

I punched in the combination to my locker and dumped my books in it. Dahlia had landed on my shoulder while I grabbed my bag and Cleopatra from my locker. I bolted down the hall and out the door before Seth could get a chance to catch up, but I wasn’t paying attention and I slammed right into Mr. Silver. “Sorry.” I muttered trying to pick up my things. Dahlia was fluttering right above me holding onto a piece of paper that had fallen out of my bag. I grabbed it and stuffed it into a book that I had just picked up. I stood up and bowed “I’m really sorry.” I said looking for Cleo everywhere and I realized Mr. Silver was holding it “Its okay. It’s my fault really.” He said handing me Cleo. “Very nice sword. The design is so intricate and the gem that rests on the hilt is absolutely stunning.” I took my sword and attached it to my waist. “Thank you.” I said keeping my hand on the hilt of my sword. “No one notices it anymore.” I let Dahlia rest on my shoulder as I took a step back, Dahlia had flew off somewhere. “I have to go now.” I said backing up another step before running full force around him. He tried to grab me but I dodged it by spinning. I made it outside before Seth and Mr. Silver could come after me. I ran straight home.

I ran as fast as I could back to my house, and when I got there Dahlia was waiting at the door. I sighed and said “Well you beat me home.” I said to the bird who cooed happily in response. I rummaged through my bag for my key but couldn’t find it. “Darn!” I said looking around my feet for my keys. I sighed giving up before I grabbed the spare key we always kept in the hanging plant. I looked across the street to see that Satan’s school hadn’t let out yet, but there was one boy outside who was smoking, a lot. The boy waved at me but I ignored him. “Hey!” He called again but I still ignored him. I held my hand out to Dahlia for her to climb on. The boy walked up behind me and said “Hey!” in my ear. I jumped, turned around and drew Cleopatra. “Whoa! Whoa!” He said standing completely still while my sword was pointed at his throat. “What?” I asked not moving my sword away. “I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later?” the boy asked gulping. “No.” I said moving Cleopatra a few centimetres from the boy’s throat. “I don’t even know you.” I never took my eyes of off him. The boy was pretty good looking for a devil boy. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a ton of piercings in his ears and a lip ring. “I’m Z.” He said a smile crossing his face. “Well Z, I suggest you leave now before I accidentally forget the code.” I put the sword right at his throat again. He smiled and backed away. He walked over to his school and I turned around and unlocked the door. “It’s best not anger those who are stronger than you” Z whispered in my ear. I gasped and turned to face him but he was gone. Dahlia flew to my shoulder with a worried look in her eyes. “I’m fine.” I said catching my breath, and I walked inside.

The End

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